100 Prayers of a Writer

What if I told you God wants to spend time with you more than you want to spend time with Him?

What if you learned the secret to getting God’s attention in a way that makes him smile?

What would happen to your prayer life if you knew without a doubt God was hanging on your every thought, emotion and word?

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No, there’s no formula to learn. You don’t need to memorize anything. This can be done anywhere and anytime, even while driving down the road.

I know because I’ve done it behind the wheel of an eighteen wheeler many times.

Conversations with God aren’t mystical, but they can be magical.

They aren’t miraculous, but they can be mysterious.

The results aren’t guaranteed, but they are granted.

I don’t have set steps for you to follow or a series of mantras to repeat. What I do have are examples to use as a beginning of a deeper relationship with the Creator of the universe and you.

That’s right, religion isn’t the cornerstone to Christianity, a relationship with God is. Jesus didn’t die to give power to a few top clergy but to every believer.

The Bible is given to us so we can see how God has dealt with people through the years. With glimpses into the spiritual world we gain insights into why some things are allowed, like pain and suffering, and how they are meant to strengthen us to become more like Jesus Christ while we walk on this earth.

The Bible is God’s main means of communicating with us. It should be read on a regular basis. I suggest a slow approach to let it’s truth’s soak into your soul.

Prayer is our means of communicating with God. A simple conversation is all it is. Just like talking with your best friend which is what God wants to be.

100 Prayers of a Writer draws from a lifetime of living in close communion with God as a heavenly Father. A balance of reverence for God’s power and love for His spiritual children combine to bring these prayers to life.

Wade Webster devoted two years to the American Christian Fiction Writers’ children’s fiction email loop by giving weekly prayers to encourage those writers to continue to serve God with their gifts of writing. Many of them were touched and encouraged along the way.

Using the Bible as a source of inspiration for these prayers a wide array of topics are covered and explored. Emotional struggles are tackled. Life challenges are taken into perspective. Challenges are offered regularly.

The wording of these prayers have been altered to read as though you are talking to God directly. Use them as a primer to start your own prayer life. Read each prayer by itself. Spend a day with it or a week. Leave the book open so you can read it throughout the day. This will help you to remain open to talking with God on a regular basis, which is what He longs for.

Ponder the lessons you think about as you read them. Continue to talk with God beyond what you read. Ask Him questions then search the Bible for answers.

Feel free to write a journal of your thoughts and emotions. Record what you’re struggling with in your personal life at the time. When you finish these prayers go back through them and notice how you’ve deepened from the first time you experienced them. You should be closer to God by then. You’ll still have struggles, we all do, but you’ll lean on God more to handle them.

Many of these prayers have us approaching God as Jesus told us to, as little children. If you were close to your earthly father you’ll have memories of how God longs for you to reach out to Him. If your dad was distant or not around then this will spark that inner longing you always had that can only be met by your heavenly Father.

If you’re tired of feeling like your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling get this book and experience God as never before. Use it with your Bible to explore a relationship you never had but always longed for.


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