So, I see you found my new web site. Welcome to my virtual world.

Have a seat and make yourself at home. I guess finding a seat might be a bit of a dilemma since I’m very much in the midst of a construction project here. Please pardon the sawdust and the wailing of the saws and pounding of hammers in the background. I don’t know if they’ll ever completely stop their incessant racket in this ever-changing world we find ourselves in.

I’m shifting all of my blogging here for the foreseeable future. So don’t forget to sign up for that as well as my new newsletter and some bonus samples of my sundry writing styles that’ll hit your inbox every Tuesday for a couple of months. If you’re too busy to taste them I completely understand. Feel free to save them for a slow time or delete them. I won’t send the ignoring brilliance police to your doorstep. I promise.

You’ll be receiving my humor postings on Monday. The former Laugh Out Loud Love Our Lord blog will now be called Funny Monday.

Friday’s offering will be the former Wade Webster Writes blog. Now known as Faithful Friday. I’m currently working through the senior citizens of the Bible.

Poetry and videos will still sneak in on you from time to time. God keeps me guessing as to what He wants written here, so I’ll keep y’all guessing, too.

I’m waiting until I reach 100 subscribers to begin a Wednesday post. I’ll call it Wellness Wednesday. It’s my concern that Christians don’t take their physical health as seriously as they should. I’ll give my simple lifestyle tips that have kept me in pretty good shape over the years. I’m actually in better condition now than I was in college according to my medical numbers at the doctor’s office.

As a special gift to everybody who signs up for my newsletter I’m sending a link to a prayer I wrote called MY PRAYER OF SURRENDER.

I hope you read it slowly and prayerfully. Let it sink in and speak to your heart. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from it. I trust that it’ll draw you closer to God.

Introducing people to Jesus Christ is my passion for writing. I’m sure that’ll show through. Driving His followers nearer to Him is my other desire. So, expect to find Jesus seated here, too.

For those of you who prefer to receive your blogs via RSS feed the second signup field will be set aside for you. You’ll get my monthly newsletter and Tuesday samples in your inbox but not the blogs. For those of you who don’t have a clue what an RSS feed is sign up in the top form. Everything will be sent to your email inbox. That’s my speed, too.

I plan on letting y’all in on the behind the scenes of a writer who becomes an author in the newsletter. Let’s call it faith for now. It’s all in God’s hands and on His timetable.

Feel free to invite your friends to swing by. I’ll put an addition on if I have to.

I’ll see you later.   Wade