Samuel looked out over the valley leading up to Ramah. The lone figure approaching caught his attention. It wasn’t until the young man was very near that a recognition occurred. “David?”

David pushed his wet hair back with his left hand. “Samuel, Sir, I have nowhere else to turn. The LORD’s anointed is trying to kill me.”

Samuel stood up and guided David into his seat. He motioned toward his prophets. “Please, somebody bring some water…and some bread.”

He placed a hand on David’s shoulder. “Relax, my son, you’re safe here. Tell me exactly what’s been happening since I anointed you.”

David took the cup of water and drank it all without taking a breath. He handed it back to the man who brought it to him who turned to refill it. The bread found its way to David’s mouth quickly. He tore a large section off between his teeth and chewed. He waited for the water bearer to return so he could moisten the bread in his mouth to swallow it.

David looked in Samuel’s eyes after he could talk. “At first nothing happened. I went back to caring for my father’s sheep. Then, they called me to play for the king. A distressing spirit comes on him and my playing relaxes him.

“I was able to go back home for a time. But, my father sent me to bring some rations to my brothers on the battlefield. Something inside me wouldn’t let that big oaf boss the LORD’s people around like that. King Saul gave me his armor, but, I couldn’t move. So, I found five smooth stones and killed Goliath with my sling. We went on to win the battle and people started singing about me.

“The next time I came to play for Saul he tried to stick me to the wall with his spear. Jonathan, he’s been better than a brother to me, he says nothings up, but, the same thing happened, again. I can’t go back. I don’t trust the king. His eyes are mad I tell you.”

Samuel gently lifted David’s right hand to coax him to eat more bread. “You’re safe here. You must remember that you are the LORD’s anointed, too. No harm will come to you before your time. You can stay with us as long as you want to.”

David nodded as he chewed. “Thank you.”


About a week later four men came to the compound called Naioth. Samuel was leading some prophets in study. He ignored the men. When they entered the group of prophets they began to prophesy along with the others.

The scene repeated twice more before King Saul approached alone. Samuel turned and saw David looking out a window. There was no need to say anything to Saul because he prophesied as his men had done once he was in the compound.

Saul closed the door behind him. “The LORD’s anointed will reign on the throne in his city. His son will continue after him…”

He continued to rant in prophetic tome as he removed his outer robe, then, his underclothing. The sight of the king’s naked body caused all of the prophets to leave the room.

David came in and stood next to Samuel. “What’s happening to the LORD’s anointed?”

Samuel shook his head. “The LORD is declaring His power over the powerful. His Spirit is still in control, even when it seems all is lost, my son. God will bring about a humbling when it’s needed. Never forget this moment, young David.”

David turned his back on Saul.

Samuel looked in David’s eyes. “Now would be a good time for you to talk to Jonathan. He will help as best he can. Trust the LORD. You are His anointed one.”

David’s whole body shook as he left the building.


So began the fugitive life of David.

I find it interesting the he went to Samuel first. The man who started this whole fiasco by dumping oil on his head. What was all that about if this is what was to follow?

I doubt the old man of God had any easy answers for the teenager. But, the two of them did have some time to contemplate the situation while David took refuge with Samuel.

I would love to know how the mentoring sessions went. Don’t you?

Was there time spent in God’s Word? Did they pray often? Were there too many “I don’t know” answers for David? Or, was the Spirit’s presence in such abundance that David felt a peace while he was there?

Since the Bible doesn’t say we can only speculate. But, I’m sure David cherished every second he shared with the legend Samuel. It would be the last time the two men would meet.

This is a beautiful example for all of us to follow. An older, wiser man can lead a young man in ways that sink in better than anything else.

I remember attempting this as a boy after a newly fallen snow in Michigan. At first I would need to jump from one of my Dad’s footprints to the next one. The following winter I could hop. Soon I could jog to meet his stride. Eventually I kept pace one step at a time.

So the mentoring process is developed. A time of discovering each other’s gifts and desires leads to a leading into the future with more clarity and purpose. It takes more than one session to accomplish all that needs to be taught.

It’s the model Jesus handed down to His followers in the Great Commission. He told His disciples to make more disciples. They were to replicate the next generation into disciples like them, and so on. We’re to continue that motion today.

Nobody knows how long they have on this earth to make a difference for the kingdom of God. Nobody knows what will happen with the lessons taught to those who follow us.

All we can do is play the part God gives us.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

I’m a truck driver turned writer. My writing drives people to Jesus.
I love sunsets/sunrises, dark chocolate, coffee, cats and dogs (as long as their owners pick up after them) and solitude. My relationship with God through Jesus Christ is most important to me, not a religion. This writing gig is all God’s idea. I only wish to bring more attention to Jesus with it.

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      • I was blessed by this post. The hardest thing to do as Christian women is to wait on the LORD to make us what He desires us to be. Looking back over the 19 years since God saved me by grace, I can honestly say, THANK GOD He did not allow me to do things in my own time and in my own way,

        • Time has a way of helping us see God’s hand on our lives. That’s why His eternal perspective is so foreign to us. When we step back and see His plan it makes a huge difference. Doesn’t it, Guilherme?

  1. I have been trying to find the coaruge to call my father for several months. He abandoned us when I was 5 years old. He had a succesful life and career as a home builder while I lived with my single, unemployed mother, and two sisters in a rough neighborhood in a major US city. He kept in touch and visited sometimes, and would send support here and there though sometimes it felt like we had to beg for it. I struggled being the only man in the house and finally came into my own in my early twenties. Now, I am married and have a child, and I have been very angry at him since I now understand the responsibility it is to be a father. He has been in trouble with the law over the last few years and has been sued left and right by former clients, and now that he is broke, living in his fathers house and unemployed, he has asked me for money on many occasions. This made me especially angry and I have not spoken to him in 6 months. How could you ask from your son what should be used for your only grandchild’s well being, because you failed to manage your wealth? Even more so when you left your own children to suffer, struggle and go hungry during your times of success? I have struggled with this for many months because I know that I should not be this way towards him but I justify my actions considering his absence in my life. I cannot do this any longer and your blog has given me the push that I need to finally speak to my father. Thank you.

    • My heart breaks for you, Asucena. I’m glad my words gave you what you need to make a move toward restoration of your relationship with your father.

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