“But, I’ve never dictated a letter before.”

Peter turned toward his friend. “That’s okay. All you have to do is keep some notes about what I say. It may come across as being in your own words. That’s quite all right. I want to get this message out to as many people as possible. I don’t have much time left. Compose it and spread it to as many churches as you can. Can you do that for me? Please.”

“Yes. Yes, of course. You’re right. There’s not much time. I’ll do whatever I can for you.”

Peter waited for his friend to set up some parchment and ink on the table before he began.

“Simon Peter, a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ. To those who’ve received the same precious faith by righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ. Grace and peace to you…

“I’m compelled to remind you of your sufficiency in Christ through God’s provision. Live out your faith in increasing measure. I must put off this tent, soon. So, I’m writing this for you to have something to remember these truths by after I’m gone. We haven’t devised clever stories about Jesus to trap you. No, we witnessed His glory on the mountain, even hearing the words of God: ‘This is My Son, in Him I am well pleased.’

“The prophets of old back us up on what we declare. Nothing we say is of man’s knowledge. The Holy Spirit guides us along to write what God wants. False prophets have come to twist the truths of God to their advantage. They lead some astray simply to have their own following. I did not choose this way of life. Jesus chose me for this. I merely lived out His plan for me.

“Some claim the resurrection has already come. Others say nothing will ever change, each day is as the day before. They  purposely forget about Noah’s actions in the flood that destroyed the world. These men are like empty stream beds, or clouds that produce no rain. Their ruin is waiting them.

“Remember this one thing, my friends: with the Lord a day is as a thousands years, and a thousand years are like a day. He delays judgement so as many as possible will receive Him. The day of the Lord will come as a thief. The elements will burn up. This earth will disappear to make room for a new heaven and new earth. Jesus’ kingdom will be established in God’s time.

“So, how are you to live? Live lives pleasing to God just as Paul writes in his letters. Some of what he says is difficult. Others twist it for their own reasons just like they do all scripture. Be leery of them so you don’t fall into their destruction. But grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. To Him be glory for all eternity. Amen.”

The door to the house opened as a guard walked in. Peter looked at his family, then at the soldier.

The soldier waved his arm in an arch toward him. “You are all commanded to follow me now.”

Peter’s wife fell into his chest and sobbed.

Peter’s hand competed with those of his children as they rubbed her back for comfort. “I don’t understand this, but it’s God will. Let’s go home.”

She pushed back, wiped the tears from her eyes and nodded. Peter followed his family out the door.


Tradition tells us Peter witnessed his wife, and the children still  living with them, being executed before he was crucified. His convictions were so strong about how Jesus ruled in his life that he demanded he be crucified upside-down. He wasn’t worthy to die as his Savior did.

His convictions were also so strong he composed the letter we now call 2 Peter before his demise occurred. He wanted people to know he didn’t lie to them, but others would. His legacy in ink holds some true gems.

We get a glimpse of God’s eternal point of view in the phrase: “with the Lord a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years are as a day.” A timeless truth told in a timely manner.

2 Peter is his last words to us who follow Jesus. This is what would be his legacy. His legacy is full of warnings to us today. False teachers still abound. Holding true to scripture is as important now as it was then.

The end of the world as we know it is much closer than it was when Peter had this letter composed. Strive to study God’s word as He wrote it. Don’t make it say what you want it to say just to please your whims.

No, it’s not all easy reading. Some of the truths I’d rather not deal with. I’d much rather tell people they’ll be blessed if they follow a set of plans found in the Bible. But, the first test that comes their way will destroy their faith and make them question their salvation.

I need to repeat what Jesus said, “When troubles come…”, and so do you. Because this world isn’t the place we’ll find complete happiness and fulfillment. Heaven is that place of ultimate peace and tranquility. Never forget that.

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Each day will hold enough trouble of its own. Sometimes it feels like they hold too many troubles for us to deal with. That’s when we need to lean on Jesus for strength.

That’s what life on this world is all about. Our tests are designed to improve our faith, not erode it.

We must acknowledge our inability to do it on our own efforts. Jesus is supposed to be our source of hope.

Let’s not fight that. Let’s cling to that with all we have.

If you’ve come to the end of your rope and tied a knot to hang on longer, let go and fall into the peace-filled hands of Jesus.

He’ll never let you go. Never

I’ll see you later.   Wade

I’m a truck driver turned writer. My writing drives people to Jesus.
I love sunsets/sunrises, dark chocolate, coffee, cats and dogs (as long as their owners pick up after them) and solitude. My relationship with God through Jesus Christ is most important to me, not a religion. This writing gig is all God’s idea. I only wish to bring more attention to Jesus with it.