A story for National Story Day

In case you haven’t guessed today is National Story Day, at least in Scotland and the United Kingdom, aka England. Six months from now it will be in the United States. But, since I’m a writer I believe every day should be a story day. So sit back and hear my story, enjoying it is optional.

Once upon a time there was a mild-mannered truck driver who woke up with the phrase “have you heard of the herd?” stuck in his noggin. Being that said truck driver was hard working and dependable he went about the task of preparing breakfast and lunch as usual.

While spreading a butter substitute on his sandwich he asked himself–since nobody else was around to hear him–when and/or where would a herd be heard?

Being firmly acquainted with the Bible the answer came to him fairly quickly, at least as quickly as it could through his sleep-deprived-half-awake mind. Noah had a herd come to him after he built the Ark.

Soon the first line of a poem formed: “Have you heard of the herd that came to the Ark?”

Before leaving his modest apartment for the daily battle of Dallas roads the second line was birthed: “They found it without knowing where Noah had parked.”

Being on speaking terms with the Creator of the universe, as well as poems and stories, he sent up a prayer. “Okay, God, if You want this written today give me some time to work on it. Otherwise I know it will come to me in Your time.”

This hard-working, dependable truck driver never knows where he’ll be fighting big city traffic each day so anything was possible. To his amazement he received his bill pack to a place he hadn’t been to in about a year. A large distribution center in the city of Waxahachie was his for the day. This particular assignment is known for being the slowest unloading facility around. Which means our truck driver is about to have many hours of uninterrupted writing time.

The first thought in our truck driver’s mind was a prayer. “WOW! God, You must really want this poem written today.”

Being caught totally off-guard our truck driver hasn’t brought anything to write on. So, he scrounges around for a piece of paper. Fortunately his employer has had a problem with drivers getting into too many accidents with long van trailers. So, they’ve gone to handing each driver of such trailers a colored paper warning them to be extra careful. The back of this yellow page becomes the beginning of our scribes efforts.

Once that page is full he finds an extra sheet that was added to his pack. It fills up with page two.

A third sheet is found to complete the three hour act of obedience.

Two lines will be changed so there aren’t four lines in a row ending with the same rhyme after this is read later. A few lines will be added to balance the scenes of animals leaving the ark with the ones entering the ark.

Our poet posts said poem on his blog to get other’s reactions to it. A few encouraging comments are left, including one who said “this is genius.”

Filled with hope our writer shoots the poem to an agent who specializes in children’s Christian books. She finally responds with, “this is good, but I haven’t been able to sell any picture books at all.”

So, our hard-working truck driver goes back to driving while waiting on God to guide his next steps.

In the course of time our writer learns of a new form of bringing stories to market that pique his interest: a book app.

Think of a book app as an interactive ebook. Children love them!

So, our truck-driver-turned-writer learns as much as his technically-challenged mind can absorb about book apps. A one-on-one coaching session encourages him to find the best illustrator possible to ensure this poem is accepted as an app.

A link is provided to someone who teaches people how to illustrate books and apps. He has a job posting service that links writers with illustrators. Our writer posts his work for hire on this service and waits for responses.

The first reply is from a strong Christian who is just beginning this course. She wishes she could do it but feels unqualified for lack of experience.

A few days later another reply comes in our writer’s email. This person has not only completed the training, but has worked on a few apps already. She’s always wanted to do a Noah’s Ark book because that was the first story that drew her to God as a girl. She works on one project at a time and is in-between jobs.

Our writer waits a few days to respond so his sleep-deprived mind can pray about whether this is the person God wants for this project. Besides, he’s still fighting Dallas traffic on a daily basis.

When no other emails show up about the job posting a series of emails flow between the poet and the artist.

Okay, enough with the charade. This is the true story of my poem titled Have You Heard of the Herd? I have some exciting news!

Dyann Joyce has been hired to illustrate this app that I plan on making into a book, too.

I believe this has huge potential to introduce many people to Jesus. That’s the goal of everything I write.

She thinks we can have this ready before Christmas. That would be major since people will be looking for apps to add to their new devices they receive as gifts.

Since Apple doesn’t have a Bible story category in their app store yet this would be their first one, another plus.

I’m asking for prayer, lots of prayer for this project. I expect Dyann’s life to get crazy soon to keep her from working on this.

Pray for the two of us to be able to communicate effectively about my vision for this and her talents. I want this to glorify God. I hope this points people to Him , not us. I want this to blow people’s minds so word of it spreads on its own. I want pages in the Book of Life to be filled by names of people who are exposed to this.

In case you can’t tell I’m pumped, stoked, juiced, excited, etc. about this. I think Dyann is even higher about this than I am. That’s a good thing.

Dear Heavenly Father. I ask Your Spirit’s leading over Dyann’s hands as she crafts pictures that draw people into this poem. Move by Your Spirit to bring people into Your family as they experience this in their life. Guide me as I steward this into being for Your glory. This is for Jesus and Him alone. AMEN

I’m a truck driver turned writer. My writing drives people to Jesus.
I love sunsets/sunrises, dark chocolate, coffee, cats and dogs (as long as their owners pick up after them) and solitude. My relationship with God through Jesus Christ is most important to me, not a religion. This writing gig is all God’s idea. I only wish to bring more attention to Jesus with it.