Joseph was taken directly to the gardener when they entered Potiphar’s home.

The gardener looked at him. “Do you speak Egyptian?”

Joseph stood quietly.

The gardener looked at the men who brought him in. “Do we know where he’s from?”

“He’s a Hebrew from Canaan.”

“Canaan, that’s closer than most of the slaves we get in. Hopefully there’s some similarity between our languages. Is he hostile?”

“Not at all. He hasn’t fought us a bit.”

“Good, I have a nasty job I’ve been putting off. I’ll start him there.”

The gardener grabbed Joseph’s wrist and pulled him to a row of shrubs. He reached in his pouch and showed Joseph a short-bladed knife. He dropped to his knees and motioned for Joseph to do the same. He pulled a bare branch away from the thorny bush. “I need you to cut off these dead branches.”

He shook his head. “Dead…” He cut the branch off at its base. “Cut…” He set it behind them. “Pile…”

After repeating the procedure with the words he handed the knife to Joseph.

Joseph pulled a dead branch and repeated the Egyptian word for “dead.” Then he cut it off and attempted the Egyptian word for “cut.”

The gardener corrected Joseph’s pronunciation and smiled.

Joseph repeated the word for “cut” and placed the branch on the pile. He correctly said “pile.”

The gardener smiled and nodded. Then he pointed at the long row of bushes. He patted Joseph’s shoulder as he left.

About an hour later Joseph tracked down the gardener. “Where do you want me to take the pile of dead cut?”

The gardener’s mouth dropped open when he saw the blood on Joseph’s hands and arms from the punctures and scrapes from the thorns. He glanced at the row of bushes with the piles of dead branches in order. “You can’t be done already. You must have missed quite a few.”

The gardener went to the mid-point of the row and bent down. He didn’t didn’t find any death on the bushes as he perused the row. He shook his head. “I don’t know how much Potiphar paid for you, but he got quite a steal today.”

Joseph pointed at the piles of dead branches, shrugged his shoulders and stared at the gardener.

The gardener pointed to the side of the house near the kitchen. Joseph saw a stack of wood there and nodded. He carefully picked up a pile of kindling and drug it to the kitchen area.


A few months later Potiphar approached Joseph. “I’ve only heard good things about your work ethic, young man. The way my fortunes have changed I think your god is possibly blessing me because of you. Keep up the good work.”

Joseph smiled. “Thank you, Sir. May I make some suggestions to you?”

Potiphar raised his eyebrows. “Such as…”

Joseph cleared his throat. “Omar is good with the plants. He’s happy there, but many of the people are doing things they aren’t good at. If you moved them around I’m sure you’d get more out of them.”

Potiphar crossed his arms and stared at Joseph. “I’ve been thinking about making somebody a supervisor over things around here since I’m gone so much. I’ll let you carry out your plans and see what happens. If you fail I can always throw you in prison for insubordination.”

Joseph swallowed. “Yes, Sir.”

Potiphar laughed. “I don’t think I have anything to worry about with you in charge, Joseph.”


Joseph’s first job away from home led to an advancement to head up a household of slaves. Joseph was in no position to be able to buy that promotion. His work ethic was the only thing he had going for him.

There were a lot of obstacles for Joseph to clear before that happened. The main one was the language barrier. The Bible doesn’t tell us how he worked through that dilemma, but he did. He had to whether he wanted to or not.

I have a feeling Joseph accepted his situation as a slave and did his best work for whoever gave him orders. Immersion into a new culture was just another challenge to overcome.

He would get to know the other slaves on a personal level as they rubbed shoulders each day. That acquaintance would prove crucial to him putting his gift of administration to use in Potiphar’s house.

We’re too quick to look past the obstacles Joseph had in his climb upward. I think he gave his best all the time.

How about you? Is your boss impressed with your work ethic? Is God?

Are you using Colossians 3:23 as a measure of your work ethic?

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not  for men,

The preacher at the small country church I grew up in explained that what that means is that when your employer tells you to do something it’s as if Jesus Christ, Himself, is telling you to do it. That made a huge impact on me.

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I think Joseph used that approach in his life. That would explain his rise to power so many times in his life.

When you change your mindset from thinking about what you can get from your employer to what you can better give in order to please God your whole perspective will change. That attitude will rub off on other employees as well.

Guess who else will notice.

Don’t be surprised when your boss comes to you asking if you’d like that position who’ve been scheming to get.

Take a lesson from Joseph and give your best at work when you’re there. The promotions will follow in God’s timing.

If others take advantage of you and they get those promotions ahead of you keep in mind who is paying attention.

God is pleased when we honor Him by giving our best in all we do.

Let’s honor God all of the time.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

Thank You, God…but…

Thank You , God, for the place where I sleep

I’m sorry I don’t have more time for upkeep

The neighborhood’s safe, the people are great

I seldom wake up from a noise that they make

The store is next door, it’s not far to work

From my front porch I can see my church


I hope I’m not rude, so I’ll add here a “Please”

Can I simply have twice the square feet?

When friends come over it’s just two and then me

I promise to use a big house for Your ministry

A Bible study with intercessory prayer

I’ll even have baptisms in the pool there


Thank You, God, for the car that I drive

Through more than one wreck it’s kept me alive

It gets me to work and church right on time

When I step on the brakes it stops on a dime

The mechanics says it’ll run many years more

He’s even impressed by the dent in my door


I hope I’m not petty, so I’ll ask with a sigh

It’s getting quite old, You know that’s no lie

Every year it passes the emissions test

With a new car I’ll make sure You are blessed

I’ll pick up some neighbors and take them to church

So, You see, a big sedan isn’t really a perk


Thank You, God, for the job that You made

I like my co-workers, my bills all get paid

The work is fulfilling, I know they like me

The benefits I’m getting are the best they can be

I take my vacations and holiday pay

I look forward to going there every day


I hope I’m not greedy by this my next notion

Could You please speed up that next big promotion?

That pay increase would sure get me to tithe

In that office of my own I’d easily slide

My clout would increase of that I am sure

Maybe a disease I’d help find a cure


Thank You, God, for Christmas each year

I love all the parties and holiday cheer

The lights are quite pretty, especially in snow

The story of Bethlehem by now I can quote

You became Jesus and were born in a stable

So a child of Yours I now know I am able


I’m sorry, dear Lord, these requests now I see

Weren’t really for You, they’re all about me

If Jesus from heaven can come here and die

I know I can be happy and no longer cry

I’ll give you my all no matter my lot

And for all that I have I say “Thank You, God.”

Keep smiling.   Wade


Joseph hopped off the camel at the request of his captors. A crowd was forming around them. Items were removed from other camels and set out for inspection. Money was exchanged as Joseph watched.

A prominent-looking man approached his captors. “Have you any slaves this trip?”

They walked up to Joseph. “I have this fine specimen here, mighty Potiphar.”

Although Joseph couldn’t understand a word they said he knew he was the next item to be sold.

Potiphar walked around Joseph, then stood back. “Strip him.”

His captors pulled Joseph’s clothes off him. Potiphar smiled. Joseph glanced at the crowd. Many were staring at him.

Potiphar raised his right hand over his head. He pointed down and spun his finger in a circle.

A captor’s hand pushed Joseph’s shoulder forward. Joseph spun around slowly.

Potiphar’s hand stroked his chin. “How much?”

The captors looked at each other. The leader smiled. “One hundred…”

Potiphar stopped smiling. “That’s twice as much as the last one. I’ll pay fifty for this one as well.”

The lead captor crossed his arms. “Ninety and he’s yours.”

Potiphar crossed his arms. “I’ll split the difference and go seventy.”

The captor didn’t budge. “This one is half the age with twice the muscles as the last one. The only reason I’ll sell him to you for ninety is because I like you, Potiphar.”

Potiphar motioned for Joseph to spin again. He did.

Potiphar’s gaze was low. “How did you come by a Hebrew, anyway?”

“It’s apparently a bad idea to get your older brothers mad at you. He seems resigned to his fate. He hasn’t tried to escape from us. If you don’t want him for ninety I’ll take him to Pharaoh. I can get much more from him.”

“Very well, put his clothes back on him. I’ll take him home with me and send you the money.”

When Potiphar turned to walk away Joseph bent down and grabbed his clothes for a quick redress.

The captor stood in front of Joseph. “We will hold the money before you take your slave.”

Potiphar kept walking. “I’ll send some men for him.”


This humiliating part of Joseph’s life is glossed over in the Biblical account. I’m merely guessing at the way the transaction took place. But, Joseph was treated as an object to be taken advantage of here.

Potiphar needed another person to handle chores around his home and Joseph happened by at the very moment he came looking for a slave.

Had Potiphar delayed Joseph may have been sold to someone else. But, coincidence brought the two of them together to assure Joseph was placed in the best position for his adjustment into Egyptian society.

By the way, I’ve heard it stated that coincidence is simply God’s way of staying anonymous in a situation.

Potiphar wasn’t just any Egyptian. He was in an extremely high position in the Egyptian government. His job placed him in contact with the Egyptian leader, Pharaoh, on a regular basis. Some translations suggest he had a military position. Others say he merely headed up Pharaoh’s household. Either way he had wealth and prestige.

Being in a household in the upper echelon of Egyptian society would expose Joseph to a higher level of manners than he would have experienced elsewhere. It’s doubtful Pharaoh would have come to Potiphar’s house, but perhaps other dignitaries did. This exposure would prove crucial when Joseph entered Pharaoh’s presence to interpret his dreams.

Being placed in a household with other slaves would likely give Joseph others who would help him learn the language and customs.

Being reduced to an object to be sold would give Joseph a tremendous amount of empathy for those who would come to Egypt for food in the coming decades. That experience was bound to leave an indelible mark on his young life. Somebody born into a family of leadership would never face such a lesson.

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Very few people today have ever experienced being sold as a slave. Too many have been forced into that role by ruthless individuals looking out only for themselves. Some have been taken advantage of to the point of empathizing with Joseph on a certain level.

But, to stand and have someone determine your monetary value and then use you for labor is seldom seen today. We turn to scenes from before the American Civil War for any experience we can fathom.

That transaction did take place on the spiritual level. We stood before God and He determined our value to Him. A tear rolled down His cheek while we stood naked before him. Our destiny was set by our ancestors. Sin had us heading to Hell for all eternity. Separation from God Himself was the only course He had.

Until He became one of us and stepped in by becoming the only sacrifice that would fill the chasm of separation. The blood Jesus shed on the cross became the cleansing agent for our sins.

Jesus hung naked on the cross. Humiliated and rejected by the religious leaders of that day, but not by God.

Out of necessity God placed our sins on His Son and placed them in the grave with Him. When Jesus came out of the grave our sins stayed in there.

Those of us who accept Jesus death as the death we deserved will not only rub elbows with dignitaries in heaven, we’ll reign right alongside Jesus in His kingdom.

Joseph didn’t know what fate awaited him in Egypt. We have promises in the Bible that tell us of God’s plans for us.

You didn’t stumble upon reading this by mere coincidence. God is seeking you out to become a member of His adopted family.

The price for your life was set very high. Jesus stood in for you to fulfill that payment.

God has done all He can to bring you to Him. All you have to do is say “Yes” to Jesus.

Eternity with the Creator of the universe awaits those who follow this course.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

An unofficial mid-month newsletter

Hey Y’all. If your life is anywhere as crazy-hectic-on-steroids as mine you probably won’t even have time to open this email, let alone click through to read what I’m typing for you. But, I’m going to put this out there anyway just so I can sleep better.

Since I didn’t fit a monthly newsletter in on the first day of November I’ll give you a special report mid-month version of what’s transpired in my life lately. You may want to take a nap and rest up before you continue reading because this will make you tired just reading it. You’ve been warned.

Where do I start? October…October feels like a lifetime ago so much has happened then and now. I decided to pursue the app route for my Noah’s Ark poem titled Have You Herd of the Herd? I prayed to find an illustrator who’d have a vision for this project. God led someone who has always wanted, no, more like longed, to do a Noah’s Ark project because that’s the Bible story that first brought her to God as a girl.

So, this guy who raised caterpillars into butterflies is working with a someone who raised a peacock as a pet when she was a girl. Does God have a sense of humor, or what? Dyann Joyce not only wants to work on this, she wants this to be her opus–her words-the thing she’s best known for in the illustrating world. She was already planning on attending some sort of world illustrator festival in Bologna, Italy with a group of folks next year. That’s no bolony. Trust me people, she belongs in that league.

One evening when I was scheduled to call her she had to rush her son to the hospital for stitches from a freak window shattering while he was chasing his friend. Last weekend her amateur-gunsmith husband took another boy in for stitches from being pinched between some moving metal parts. Last Tuesday I tried calling her on my drive home from work when the alternator on Clifford, my 14 year old van, gave out. I spent an hour in a car parts store parking lot under a street light replacing that with temps in the 40’s and a stiff north breeze on my back. I’ll let you be the judge as to whether the attacks have begun.

Fortunately my day job has slowed down. Although you wouldn’t know it by looking at my paychecks. I’ve been able to get some mid-day breaks in for naps and a bit of writing. Then, in the evening I go out for one more “quick” run and have to wait for some glitch on the customer’s side of the equation. Twelve hour days are getting very long lately.

I just got a “Your connection is lost” message on my computer while typing this. Sending up a prayer now.

I didn’t know until after I paid Dyann half the agreed upon payment that she prefers to paint her pictures. She needed the money for canvases that she’ll later send to me. I got goosebumps when I first realized I commissioned someone to paint words I put together. The fact I’ll have these mementos as reminders of the project that launched my professional writing career still boggles my tiny mind. WOW!

So this guy with two last names is working with a lady with two first names to bring Jesus to people in a way nobody has ever done before. Okay, my mind just boggled again. Is God good, or what? There isn’t even a Bible story category in the app store yet. Look out world here we come!

This past week I wrote the follow-up app to this one. It’s about Jesus. The first two lines are:

Jesus Christ was a man who also is God,

I know that sounds strange, indeed it’s very odd.

I was pacing outside my truck during a break when that started to come to me. I rushed in the truck and dug out some paper to write on.

I took the time and money to incorporate myself in October, too. I’m now officially Author Wade Webster, LLC. That’ll help at tax time. Today I’ll be busy opening a business checking account and buying an iphone. I figure as long as I need to take the step up into getting something to talk on with an IQ I should get something I can test my apps out on at the same time. Some prayer support for wisdom is greatly appreciated.

If you’ve started getting two emails from this blog it’s because WordPress is getting funky with me lately. I’ll try to get that cleared up soon. Whatever soon means.

One more thing, before I forget, I’ll be starting a facebook page for this project, too. I warned you reading about my crazy-hectic-on-steroids life this past 1.5 months would make you tired. I know I’m tired just typing this out.

Or, maybe that’s just the now-normal sleep deprivation rearing its ugly head, again.

Keep smiling.   Wade


Israel limped over to his favorite chair and sat down. “Joseph. I have a job for you.”

Joseph left Benjamin and came to their father. “What is it, Abba?”

Israel placed his hand on Joseph’s shoulder. “Your brothers have taken the sheep to Shechem. I’d like for you to check on them for me. I have a feeling something bad is about to happen. Let me know how they’re doing.”

Joseph nodded. “Shall I take one of the servants with me?”

Israel shook his head. “That won’t be necessary. You’re old enough to go alone. I trust you. Remember what I’ve taught you: God will be with you wherever you go; and don’t despise your birthright. ”


As the sun dipped below the horizon Joseph sat down near a rock that looked the right size to support his head as he slept on his side. He wondered if God would speak to him as He’d done with Abba.

He pulled some dried meat and almonds out to eat. He sent up a prayer. “God, I know my brothers don’t like me very much. I think some of them actually hate me. I really feel like I need to ask You for Your protection from them.


At mid-day Joseph came to Shechem. The emptiness brought a panic to his young mind. “Abba was right. Something has happened to them.”

As he searched the ground for signs of where they might be a man approached. “What are you looking for, young man?”

“My brothers were supposed to be here with our family’s sheep.”

“Your sheep grazed this plain off in no time. I over-heard your brothers say they were going north to Dothan.”

Joseph looked from the man to his own pack. “Thank you. Our Abba will be happy to hear they’re all right.”


As Joseph descended the last hill he saw Dan point his way. Soon all the brothers were gathered together.

Joseph looked down at his coat and prayed. “Okay, God, I’m proudly wearing Abba’s extravagant gift to the birthright son. They obviously know it’s me coming. I ask that You protect me, whatever happens next.”   

As Joseph came into the group of men they pretended to ignore him. “Hi, guys.”

Gad put an arm around Joseph’s shoulders. “Well looky here. If it isn’t the colorful tattle-tale. What brings you to this section of the Promised Land, Boy?”

Joseph tried to shake free. “Abba’s worried about you guys. That’s all, if you give me enough food to make it back home I’ll leave in the morning to let him know you’re in Dothan and everything’s fine.”

Naphtali pulled the string loose that held the coat shut. “We have other plans for you Mr. Big Mouth.”

Gad grabbed the collar and pushed Joseph out of the coat. “It looks like I now have the birthright. How about that?”

Joseph spit at him. “You’ll never have the birthright. Especially, while I’m still alive.”

The men formed a circle and spun Joseph around from one to another as they approached an empty well.

Asher taunted him. “Let’s see, how do those dreams go? We’re supposed to bow down to you. Isn’t that right?”

Issachar grabbed him. “It’s going to be kinda hard to bow to somebody whose lower than us. Isn’t it?” He spun around and Joseph fell into the pit.

Joseph looked up at his brothers’ faces.

Zebulun spoke up, “Let’s go have lunch, guys. This might appear to a passer-by that we’re bowing to him.”

The men laughed and jeered. Somebody kicked some dirt on Joseph as they left.

Before the day was done Joseph found himself tied to the back of a camel bound for Egypt. Thank you, God, for preserving my life. Don’t worry, Abba, I’ll never forsake my birthright.


Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go your way? I’m sure you never had one as bad as Joseph’s day here. I don’t think anybody saw God in any of the events that transpired that day. He was there and He’s in your life right now, too. Your circumstances may have you believing otherwise.

God has a plan for your life. What you’re going through now is developing you into the image of Jesus Christ if you’re His follower. That’s what Romans 8:29 promises us.

It follows the more popular Romans 8:28 verse: All things work together for good… That good is becoming more like Jesus. That’s what life on this planet is all about.

One day we’ll exchange this pain-filled, cumbersome physical body for our glorified body we’ll experience for the rest of eternity. Just like a caterpillar exchanges the bulky, multi-legged body for that of a light-weight, free-flying butterfly we’ll be better. No, we’ll be perfect, just like Jesus. OH, what a glorious day that will be.

Until then we must endure the limitations placed on us now. The tests and pains of this life are for our good. Trust God for that.

Have you ever put yourself in Joseph’s sandals in this story? I hope I just did that for you here. He wouldn’t find out until much later who talked the majority of brothers out of murdering him. Yeah, God did protect him.

Joseph’s mettle would definitely be tested in the years ahead of him. We have the advantage of reading his story in the Bible. He had to take it one day at a time as it unfolded.

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You likely won’t become a prominent world leader. But, you can become a leader to someone who will go through the same thing you’re enduring now. When you share with them how God brought you through the fire He’ll become real to them, too.

Once God takes over a life anything is possible. That will only happen through an introduction by you with Jesus.

He’s the only way to God for anybody.

I hope this gives you a glimmer of hope that you’ll fan into the flame God is igniting in your heart now.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

There once was a peacock named Ralph

There once was a peacock named Ralph

Who lucked out by living in a house

The person he kept was a girl named Dyann

Although not a dog she still had a plan

She came to her folks and asked for a leash

When they asked “Why?” she simply said “Please.”

Next thing they know she walks Ralph out the door

Insistent her bird would walk next to her

Try as she may her bird would not bark

It’s not like their destination was the Ark

After a day on the sidewalk they came in to bed

Ralph, as usual, laid on her pillow his head

Day after day the scene would repeat

When Dad looked at Ralph all he saw was fresh meat

Dyann kept her bird till death did them part

There’s still a peacock-shaped hole inside of her heart

Many years later Dyann draws for work

Along comes an offer that feels like a perk

“I have a job,” a great writer would post

“I wish from the heart one will give their most”

Dyann can’t believe, as she reads of this plan

“I’ve always wanted this. I know that I can.”

The job calls for one who will illustrate

The story of Noah and his pets with their mates

Her heart does a flutter as she sends an email

She longs for the Ark and all it entails

This story is what first drew her to God

She prays to Him now in hopes of a nod

More than a week later an offer is made

By this great writer whose first name is Wade

They’re now working out the pictures with poem

To make sure this book app finds many homes

One day Wade sees there’s still time on the clock

So he turns a termite into a peacock

Dyann has to laugh as she works this all out

It’s at this point she tells Wade about Ralph

Wade, too, laughs, but falls short of a sing

It’s very obvious how this is all a God thing

The future’s out there to see where this goes

All the people this impacts God only knows

Please pray for us as we work the details

We’re working by phone, prayers and emails

The ultimate goal is to give God the glory

This is after all His timeless love story

The work done by Jesus is laid out for all

To see His sacrifice to keep them from hell

We long to see His kingdom expand

I know from my heart that’s always His plan

I ask you once more to join us in prayer

This project is for all of us together

Keep smiling.   Wade


Joseph approached his brothers as they were preparing to go out to tend to the herds. “You’re not going to believe the dream I had last night. It was so real, even though it doesn’t make any sense.”

Levi looked at him. “Yes, highly favored one, please share what insights you have for us. We could all use a good laugh.”

The brothers chuckled as Joseph stepped in the group. “We were all harvesting wheat one day. It was a good crop.”

Judah tapped Issachar’s arm. “This has to be a dream. I could only imagine the blisters his smooth hands would get from actually working.”

Joseph ignored the laughter. “My bundle of wheat stood tall in the middle of the field as your bundles came and stood around it. Then, your bundles bowed down to mine.”

Reuben walked up to Joseph. “Are we going to bow to you?” He bent forward. “Let me practice now.”

Joseph watched as the others mimicked the eldest sibling. Then, he walked back to his father’s tent.

A few days later Joseph came to a full breakfast table. He took his seat next to their father, Israel. “Would you like to hear my dream, Abba?”

Reuben smiled as he chewed. “Does this one involve physical labor?”

Joseph glared at him as Israel nodded. “The sun, moon and eleven stars bowed down to me.”

Israel set his food back on his plate. “Are your mother and I, along with your brothers going to bow to you one day?”

The brothers burst into laughter. Dan held a hand out. “No, I’m not going to waste my energy playing that game again. I live in the real world. I’m saving myself for important things.”

Israel stared at the table, then, at Joseph as he filled his plate.


Joseph and his boyhood dreams make for some interesting conclusions. I’ve heard some top preachers say he ranged anywhere from arrogant to stupid for sharing his dreams with his brothers.

I don’t think he was either extreme. I believe Joseph was simply being transparent by sharing his nighttime visions. He had no idea where his life was going to end up. What would you think when you saw bundles of cut wheat stalks moving around in a field?

You see, it makes as much sense as some of your dreams of a T-rex coming toward you and your legs won’t move. He didn’t know God was showing him a glimpse of his future. They couldn’t hide their contempt for this brash younger sibling. Why would anybody think they’d bow down to him someday?

I find it interesting that Israel took note of these dreams. God had spoken to him at night. Was God using the same portal to tell Joseph something?

Good parents notice little things about their children. Mary pondered many things about Jesus. I think she later shared them with Dr. Luke as he composed his gospel account. Aren’t we all glad she did?

Does God still speak to people through dreams today?

Yes, He does, but it’s not His principle way of communicating to us. The best way for you to hear from God is by reading the Bible. The more time you spend studying it the better He’ll communicate to you. That’s why it’s so well preserved for us. It’s God’s guidebook for us to live by.

Psalm 46:10 tells us to be still, and know I’m God. The only time many of us are still is when we’re unconscious. Society has trained us to always be busy or we’re wasting our life. Quiet is too seldom worked in purposefully. That’s not God’s design.

Our daily time spent in God’s Word should be one of those times with no distractions. That’s why it’s referred to as a quiet time. Your life may be at one of those seasons where the only time that’s quiet in your home is when the baby is napping. Don’t always use that time to clean the house. Spend time with your heavenly Father. He’s waiting for you to come to Him.

I wonder how often Joseph thought about these dreams of his. It wouldn’t be the last time dreams would play a role in his life. Other people would come to him to interpret their dreams. That ability would lead to his rise in power.

I also wonder if, when Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt to buy food during the famine, did he hear the wheat bundles bending when they bowed down to him?

Don’t discount all of your dreams. Some of them may be God talking to you. I’ve had a scene to a book I’ve been working on play out in a dream. It was so funny I woke up laughing. Oh, yeah, you’ll read it someday

I had a dream repeat when I was about ten. In it I was behind the barn and I flew above the apple trees there. The first time I was alone. The next time my mom was with me. The take-away for me was the confidence that someday Jesus would tell me to fly.

I knew it likely wouldn’t be actual levitation, but something I shouldn’t be able to do on my own. Writing is the answer to that riddle in my life. Sometimes I shake my head at some of the things I write. My first thought is often. “I didn’t just write that. Did I?”

I have a friend who was preaching at a church and was led to further his training at a seminary because of a dream.

Yeah, God still uses dreams to talk to His children. Don’t feel bad if He doesn’t use them for you. Most people are’t given dreams to guide them, otherwise that T-rex would eat them.

Invest your time studying the Bible. You’ll learn about God in there and you’ll see yourself in there, too.

Yeah, the Bible is as much a mirror as it is a window.

I’ll see you later.   Wade


Here’s the politically-correct version of Yankee Doodle

For those of you who don’t think political correctness has gone too far I give you Exhibit A as to why I believe it has.

Opinions are my own, not necessarily yours.

WWJT  What Would Jesus Think?

Keep smiling.   Wade