An unofficial mid-month newsletter

Hey Y’all. If your life is anywhere as crazy-hectic-on-steroids as mine you probably won’t even have time to open this email, let alone click through to read what I’m typing for you. But, I’m going to put this out there anyway just so I can sleep better.

Since I didn’t fit a monthly newsletter in on the first day of November I’ll give you a special report mid-month version of what’s transpired in my life lately. You may want to take a nap and rest up before you continue reading because this will make you tired just reading it. You’ve been warned.

Where do I start? October…October feels like a lifetime ago so much has happened then and now. I decided to pursue the app route for my Noah’s Ark poem titled Have You Herd of the Herd? I prayed to find an illustrator who’d have a vision for this project. God led someone who has always wanted, no, more like longed, to do a Noah’s Ark project because that’s the Bible story that first brought her to God as a girl.

So, this guy who raised caterpillars into butterflies is working with a someone who raised a peacock as a pet when she was a girl. Does God have a sense of humor, or what? Dyann Joyce not only wants to work on this, she wants this to be her opus–her words-the thing she’s best known for in the illustrating world. She was already planning on attending some sort of world illustrator festival in Bologna, Italy with a group of folks next year. That’s no bolony. Trust me people, she belongs in that league.

One evening when I was scheduled to call her she had to rush her son to the hospital for stitches from a freak window shattering while he was chasing his friend. Last weekend her amateur-gunsmith husband took another boy in for stitches from being pinched between some moving metal parts. Last Tuesday I tried calling her on my drive home from work when the alternator on Clifford, my 14 year old van, gave out. I spent an hour in a car parts store parking lot under a street light replacing that with temps in the 40’s and a stiff north breeze on my back. I’ll let you be the judge as to whether the attacks have begun.

Fortunately my day job has slowed down. Although you wouldn’t know it by looking at my paychecks. I’ve been able to get some mid-day breaks in for naps and a bit of writing. Then, in the evening I go out for one more “quick” run and have to wait for some glitch on the customer’s side of the equation. Twelve hour days are getting very long lately.

I just got a “Your connection is lost” message on my computer while typing this. Sending up a prayer now.

I didn’t know until after I paid Dyann half the agreed upon payment that she prefers to paint her pictures. She needed the money for canvases that she’ll later send to me. I got goosebumps when I first realized I commissioned someone to paint words I put together. The fact I’ll have these mementos as reminders of the project that launched my professional writing career still boggles my tiny mind. WOW!

So this guy with two last names is working with a lady with two first names to bring Jesus to people in a way nobody has ever done before. Okay, my mind just boggled again. Is God good, or what? There isn’t even a Bible story category in the app store yet. Look out world here we come!

This past week I wrote the follow-up app to this one. It’s about Jesus. The first two lines are:

Jesus Christ was a man who also is God,

I know that sounds strange, indeed it’s very odd.

I was pacing outside my truck during a break when that started to come to me. I rushed in the truck and dug out some paper to write on.

I took the time and money to incorporate myself in October, too. I’m now officially Author Wade Webster, LLC. That’ll help at tax time. Today I’ll be busy opening a business checking account and buying an iphone. I figure as long as I need to take the step up into getting something to talk on with an IQ I should get something I can test my apps out on at the same time. Some prayer support for wisdom is greatly appreciated.

If you’ve started getting two emails from this blog it’s because WordPress is getting funky with me lately. I’ll try to get that cleared up soon. Whatever soon means.

One more thing, before I forget, I’ll be starting a facebook page for this project, too. I warned you reading about my crazy-hectic-on-steroids life this past 1.5 months would make you tired. I know I’m tired just typing this out.

Or, maybe that’s just the now-normal sleep deprivation rearing its ugly head, again.

Keep smiling.   Wade

I’m a truck driver turned writer. My writing drives people to Jesus.
I love sunsets/sunrises, dark chocolate, coffee, cats and dogs (as long as their owners pick up after them) and solitude. My relationship with God through Jesus Christ is most important to me, not a religion. This writing gig is all God’s idea. I only wish to bring more attention to Jesus with it.

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4 thoughts on “An unofficial mid-month newsletter

  1. Geesh, you weren’t kidding! I’ll be taking a nap right after leaving this comment! Great things are happening; God has wonderful plans for you! Keep up the great work.


  2. Moving up in the world, are we? An artist on the payroll, incorporation, a social page, an I-Phone…..You know what this means? It means your faith is showing. For every success, or step forward, Satan jumped in with a “block Wade” maneuver, but God has your back and is blessing you. No doubt, you already know that. Great things really are happening.

    Still look forward to reading your posts. God Bless.

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