T’was the Monday after Valentine’s Day

I was pacing around my apartment with my mind whirling until I finally realized what the problem was. I needed a poetry blogging fix. Writers will understand what I’m talking about. Sometimes you just have to get the words out of you before you explode. Here’s a funny look at the post Valentine’s Day let down.

T’was the Monday after Valentine’s Day and all through the land,

Many people were unhappy and they didn’t understand.

They thought they’d be gleeful for every day now.

Then why is this let down bringing them so low?

Their big day wasn’t hap’nin’. Okay, it was a bust.

What they thought would be true love ended up being lust.

Their partner brought flowers, or candy, maybe both.

The restaurant was so crowded they shared a meal in a booth.

The movie was too long and really quite boring.

The guy right behind them was very loudly snoring.

When the time for romance finally arrived.

They both were so tired they were barely alive.

They parted with a hug and a kiss on the cheek,

With a promise to try again in another week.

Anticipation now over, the reality sets in.

Apparently with romance some people can’t win.

The problem isn’t how, but who they invite,

Into their heart first in order to get it right.

The world says to try first this person, then them.

Til your schedules coincide and you somehow blend.

God says the best relationship for people

Is the one that is found with His word and a steeple.

With Jesus as your foundation to build a life on

You’ll see the real purpose for not being alone.

So give your life over to the One who died for you.

Then your heart will overflow with joy so renewed.

God’s ultimate expression of love for you and me,

Won’t last for just one date but for all eternity.

Don’t seek your happiness from attraction and sex.

Find total fulfillment with your Creator. That’s best.

When your romance is grounded with Jesus.

Then others will find you because they are blessed.

Keep smiling.   Wade