The footsteps stopped outside David’s tent. Heavy breathing interrupted the conversation.

Joab wasn’t as quiet as David had wished for more sleep. “You can’t go in there. I’m under strict orders. Nobody is to awaken David.”

A young man’s voice said. “But, he sent me to spy out King Saul to see if he’s coming. David needs to know they’re almost here.”

Joab: “Where are they and what were they doing when you last saw them?”

The young man: “They’re setting up camp along the road near Jeshimon. There’s thousands of them. We don’t stand a chance. How can David sleep at a time like this?”

David stepped out of his tent. “So, the men of Ziph can’t be trusted. I’ll keep that in mind. Good work Benjamin. You’ll share the evening meal with me. You can fill me in on all you know. I’m sure you’ll sleep well tonight. Find some water and shade. You look exhausted.”

Benjamin nodded. “Yes, Sir. Thank you David.” He walked off to his tent.

David turned to Joab. “What’s your brother up to?”

“He’s taking a nap, too, along with Ahimelech. Must be nice. What are you planning?”

“Can’t tell you. You’ll try to stop me.”


David scanned the camp from the top of the ridge. The full moon helped a great deal. “Which of you guys wants to go with me to retrieve a souvenir from the king?”

Abishai spoke up. “Sounds like fun. I’ll go.”

The two men stepped between sleeping soldiers all the way to King Saul.

Abishai grasped the spear stuck in the ground next to Saul’s head and whispered. “God has given your enemy into your hand. One stab with this and this madness will be over.”

David stared at Saul. “No. He’s the LORD’s anointed, too. I will not have that guilt on my head. It’s up to God to take his life, perhaps in battle or another cause.” He bent down and picked up Saul’s water jug. “Take that spear and let’s go.”

They retraced their steps back to the ridge.

Dawn was breaking to the East when David turned around and took the spear from Abishai. “Do you not answer me, Abner?”

The stirring in the camp was over-shadowed by Abner’s voice. “Who dares address the king at night?”

David made sure his voice was heard. “If you’re the best Israel has for a soldier I think you have some work to do. Your king was very vulnerable last night. Dereliction of Duty is the charge. Whose spear and jug do I have?”

King Saul stood. “Is that you, David?”

“It is, my lord. What injustice have I done to deserve death by the king? If it’s against God surely an offering will suffice. If it’s by men may they be cursed for their stance. Why do you hunt me as a partridge in the mountains? I hold nothing against you.”

Saul’s voice cracked. “No. It’s me. I’m in the wrong here. You’ve spared my life again. You’ll be a great king, David.”

David leaned the spear against a rock. “Here’s your spear. Let one of your young men come and get it. As I have valued your life today may the LORD value my life to rule after you, my lord.”

David set the jug down and returned to camp with his men.


Have you ever wondered what possessed David to perform such a bold move as this? Have you ever really thought about it?

When you remember the Holy Spirit indwelled David since his anointing you get a bit of a hint as to why he was so courageous.

But, still…think about the odds of pulling this off. David and Abishai walk up to King Saul through 3,000 soldiers. Even though they marched all day to get there somebody’s bound to wake up. Right?

Not when God is on your side.

Forget about the how, think about why for a moment. Why did David feel compelled to be so stupid?

His experience living with God’s Spirit inside him made him bold.

  • Lions and bears fell by the hand of this possessed teenager. David knew that was more than him completing that accomplishment.
  • One stone fell the gigantic fighting machine named Goliath. David was good with a slingshot, but not that good.
  • David saw what happened the first time he spared Saul’s life. By not only proving his loyalty, but also exposing a weakness in the army, David was sure to get Saul to see the error of his ways.

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What steps have you taken to strengthen your faith and boldness for God?

Have you spoken up and prayed in public when the opportunity has been made available in a small group setting?

Have you told what happened to get you to see your need for Jesus as your Savior to an individual or group?

Have you given financially past your comfort zone when a need arises that breaks your heart?

Your moment of salvation is meant to be more than fire insurance against the ravages of hell. Your new relationship with God began at that moment. It’s up to you to grow that relationship to build you into a person who resembles Jesus more each day.

We’re destined to rule with Jesus when we get to heaven. This life is our preparation for that time in eternity. Don’t kick back and coast, then expect a place of importance in the kingdom to come.

Grow your boldness one step at a time like David did. Don’t be surprised if one day you’re doing something stupid for God as well.

Yes, there’s a fine line between boldness and stupidity.

God uses our foolishness to confound the wise of this world.

Remember whose kingdom will be standing for all eternity when you choose what side you’ll be on.

God doesn’t expect you to go all out at the beginning.

Take this journey one step at a time and see what surprises await you.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

I’m a truck driver turned writer. My writing drives people to Jesus.
I love sunsets/sunrises, dark chocolate, coffee, cats and dogs (as long as their owners pick up after them) and solitude. My relationship with God through Jesus Christ is most important to me, not a religion. This writing gig is all God’s idea. I only wish to bring more attention to Jesus with it.