“Is the time now for my kingdom to start?” David stared at the ephod Abiathar wore.


“What city shall I go to?”


David stood and faced his men. “We’re going to Hebron.”

The cheer was deafening.


After David and his men settled into Hebron and its surrounding towns the elders of Judah came for his anointing to become their king.

An elder approached. “The men of Jabesh Gilead were the ones who buried Saul after the battle.”

David pointed at one of is young men. “Take two men with you. Go to them. Give them this message: ‘As the new king over Judah I add my blessing to the LORD’s for your showing this kindness to Saul by burying him with dignity. Be strengthened and blessed.'”

David spent the next two years in Hebron enjoying the women he married as his right became as the king. Six sons were born to him there.


One morning Joab came in from a battle with Abner and Israel’s army. His clothes were torn. His head was dust covered.

David placed his hands on Joab’s shoulders. How bad was the fighting?”

Joab glanced into David’s eyes. “Asahel is dead.” He let out a few sobs, then looked back at David. “We lost nineteen other men, too. They lost 360.”


One day some messengers arrived from Israel. “Abner would like to meet with you to discuss turning the entire country over to your control as king.”

David smiled. “Tell him he will not see my face unless my wife is with him. I earned Michal with one hundred Philistine foreskins.”


A feast was held a few days later when Abner showed up with twenty of his men. A covenant was established to make David the king over all Israel. Abner was sent home satisfied and in peace.


“You did what? How could you even think of talking with Abner. He’s was here checking out your defenses so he can overpower you and set himself up as king. He can’t be trusted.” Joab had just returned with his men from a raid.

David gripped the arms of the throne and leaned forward. “Abner is an honest man. His allegiance is to be expected for Saul. Things have changed for him. He is being used by the LORD to set me up as king over the entire nation. You shall leave him alone.”


When the news of Joab’s murder of Abner reached David he stood and tore his clothes. “I and my kingdom shall be guiltless of this deed. May there always be a cursed individual in Joab’s line from this day forward.”

He stared at Joab and his men. “You will wear sack cloth and morn this death.”

David refused to eat anything that entire day, even when others tried to convince him to.

When the people saw that response they fell in love with him all the more.


A few days later two men brought the head of Ishbosheth to David. “Here is the head of your enemy, my lord. You have nobody in your way to be king of all Israel.”

David stood and tore his clothes. “How do you expect me to honor you for committing such a treacherous act?”

He pointed at his men nearby. “Take them out and execute them now.”


Such was the two year stand-off between David and the last vestiges of Saul’s claim to the throne. A civil war that David seemed to steer clear of the entire time.

That was an extremely unusual response for a king in those days. Power was the way kings set themselves up back then. The typical first act of a new king was to wipe out the entire line of the old king’s heirs.

David was the Holy Spirit indwelt exception to that rule of a ruler. His response at this point in his life was to trust God in making him the king over the entire nation in God’s timing.

He waited for Saul’s son’s rule to implode for lack of God’s anointing. It took two years for a united Israel to know David’s strong rule.

While he waited David enjoyed time making his own heirs to the throne while he ruled in Hebron. The Bible records six sons by six different women. That precedent was not within God’s laws, even for a king. The results would come back to haunt David in his later life as king.

This imperfect man who was anointed as a teenager for this post was now on the throne. The lessons he learned in ruling were lost to him as a father. His legacy would prove to be marred.

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How well have you established your legacy?

What you put your efforts into most will become what you’re remembered for. Many men regret investing so much time in the company they worked for on their deathbed.

Your children are your most enduring legacy. God has anointed you as their dad for a reason. Invest in them with your whole heart so the regrets aren’t taken to your grave.

Fathers are a vital part of a family unit. Studies show how less likely kids are to get in real trouble who have a dad who spends real time with them.

Make the time to let them know you care. Take the time to let them know you really love them.

Society will thank you for making the wise choice of personal attention as a dad.

David would spend the next couple of decades ridding the land of the inhabitants Joshua began to clear out. When he took a break from fighting he slipped back to his propensity for lust, even at the expense of one of his best men.

Guard your hearts, men.

Keep your priorities pure.

Keep your eyes fixed on God’s calling.

Stay true to His Word by investing serious time in the Bible.

Set your goal to please God in all you do.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

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