David paced the roof of his home. His thoughts were of his nation’s future. A prayer came to his lips.

“LORD, I need You now. My heart is heavy for Your people. We’ve been at war with ourselves. I know that must break Your heart. Shall I remain king of just Judah, or has the time come for unification?”

His scan of the northern horizon showed a vast army coming closer. The hairs on the back of David’s neck stood up. “LORD, I need You now more than ever.”

Abishai and Joab got David’s attention from the street. “The elders of Israel have come to talk with you. Their men are coming to serve you, too.”

David stared at the approaching army. They were close enough now he recognized the flags of some of the tribes. He let out a breath and looked down. “Tell them I’ll be right down.”

The group of mostly gray-haired men was assembled in the town square. They all faced David as he approached.

“We are all of the same flesh. All of us have descended from Jacob.”

“Even when Saul was the king you were the man who really led the army.”

“The LORD even said, ‘David will shepherd My people.'”

An elder stepped forward. “What we’re trying to say is: David, you are destined to lead God’s people. We are ready for your guidance. Will you rule us at this time?”

David looked at each of the men, then at the army assembled around the outskirts of Hebron. He sent up a silent prayer before he spoke.

“I will conscript your best sons for my army. We must rid the land of Gentile influences. They may not all survive.”

The elders nodded.

“I will take your daughters as my own for duties at the capital of God’s nation. Some may be my concubines.”

They nodded again.

“I will take the best from your flocks to feed the troops and priests.”

The head elder placed his hand on David’s shoulder. “We are ready for a great king to lead us. You are that man.”

David stared deep into his eyes. “The LORD must lead His people. No man can take that role as his own.”

The elder nodded. “That is why you are the only man for the job. Lead us today.”

David stuck out his right hand. The elder took his hand and they shook them together.

David smiled. “The LORD has been preparing me for this day. I’ll do the best I can.”


The day finally came. The day Samuel pointed toward when he summoned Jesse’s youngest son to come in from the sheepfold. The day Saul tried his best to make sure never happened. The day Jonathan wanted to share with David but couldn’t.

A united nation of Israel’s descendants led by one man.

This giant slayer had a monumental task ahead of him. The land God led His people to still had inhabitants that needed to be gotten rid of. A pure nation with no influence from foreign gods was the ultimate goal.

Egypt was still weakened from loosing all those slaves at one time. Assyria and Babylon were growing into the nemesis they would become. The time was ripe for Israel to be a great power.

God would ultimately be the force behind that greatness. David was merely God’s human face and voice to carry that mission out.

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God is still in need of people to be His voice and hands and feet.

Are you willing to be such for Him?

“But, I’m not anointed like David was.”

I hear your objection. I refute that response. David was set apart by having God’s Spirit alive within him. That was rare in his day.

Since Jesus returned to heaven the Holy Spirit has been active in all of God’s spiritual children. You have the same power available to you that David had.

You have something at your disposal that David didn’t have: other believers who have the same Holy Spirit indwelling them to come alongside you to help build God’s kingdom.

The end goal is still the same: set God’s people apart with a limited influence from outside forces.

The means for accomplishing that end is what has changed. Annihilating people is not the objective. Inviting them into the flock is.

With God’s grace as our guide we’re to love people into fellowship with the Creator of every person alive today, even those who insist all Christians must be annihilated.

Many of God’s children will loose their earthly lives in this current battle. The casualty count will only increase.

Matthew 10:28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

That was part of the instructions Jesus gave His closest followers before He sent them out for the first time without Him. Do you think any of them swallowed hard when they heard that sentence?

Keep that in the forefront of your mind when you decide to serve Jesus today. We’re closer to that being a reality in our lives than I ever thought I’d witness in my lifetime.

Jesus’ ultimate kingdom is much closer today than it was in David’s lifetime.

The battle for souls is only intensifying.

The time is now for courageous men and women who are willing to die to their own selfish desires.

According to 2 Chronicles 16:9 God’s eyes are searching the whole earth so He can strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.

We’re destined to rule with Jesus in His kingdom.

Our mettle is being tested in this life.

How we rule will be determined by how sold-out to Jesus we are now.

Are you willing to give away what you cannot keep to gain what you cannot lose?

David went through some tough tests to prepare him for his kingship.

Don’t let these tests you’re going through be wasted.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

I’m a truck driver turned writer. My writing drives people to Jesus.
I love sunsets/sunrises, dark chocolate, coffee, cats and dogs (as long as their owners pick up after them) and solitude. My relationship with God through Jesus Christ is most important to me, not a religion. This writing gig is all God’s idea. I only wish to bring more attention to Jesus with it.