David looked at each man in the room. Every one of them was mighty, God definitely blessed him there.

“It’s time to move out of Hebron. The city is too vulnerable to attack.”

Abashai stepped forward. “Where do you propose we relocate the capital to?”

David smiled. “I want Zion.”

A murmur rose in the room, along with a whistle.

Joab stared into David’s eyes. “There’s not a finer city to have as the capital, but it’s impenetrable. How do you propose we get in there? I don’t know of any Hebrew whose ever been inside it.”

David held up two fingers. “I know personally of two who have seen it from inside.”

The room was silent. Joab looked at his brother, then back at David. “Who?”

“My Abba and I took some sheep there, along with wool for trade. I was ten. He said the sheep obeyed me better than my brothers. That’s why he took me. It was a grand time, just the two of us for a week away.

“The king was friendly and talkative. He showed us the whole city. Nothing was off limits. We saw it all. This was before my anointing. I noticed one gaping hole a man can come through.”

Abashai pulled Joab back. “Where…how?”

David paced about. “There’s a natural spring just northwest of the city. They’ve dug a shaft under the city to tap into that water supply. They can last a long time on top of that mountain against an enemy. It’s ingenious.

“The following summer I took the flock up there to graze. The entrance of that shaft is covered with stones. The men in this room could uncover it in short order.

“We’ll go as a group and encircle the city. While I keep their attention south of Zion you will uncover that shaft and enter it from under their noses. The first man to enter and lead us to victory will be my general.”


David watched the gate of Zion close as they approached. Joab and Abishai tussled for position as they led men to his right behind the stronghold. More men filed in to his left.

David didn’t wait long for the king of Zion to appear on the top of the wall. “I can tell by the way you’re dressed you haven’t come peacefully. What do you want?”

David held his hands out from his sides. “Our LORD God has given us this city as our capital. You can come out quietly or we’ll take it by force. The choice is up to you.”

The king of Zion laughed. “You think you can just come here and move us out. The lame and blind can keep you at bay from here. You cannot have our city. You may as well search elsewhere for a new capital.”

David watched the king spin around. A loud roar sounded from inside the fortress. A section of wall fell a few minutes later. David led his men up the hill to finish off the inhabitants.


Zion would take on a few names in the following days and years. “The City of David” became it’s nickname because of David’s audacity to conquer such a stronghold.

Part of today’s name holds an interesting base for it’s title: shalom. The City of Peace could be a translation of Jerusalem, even though it has known very little peace in several decades and most of its existence.

We aren’t told how David knew of the water shaft dug under the city. This post is merely my writer’s imagination pounding out one possibility. He was wise enough to exploit that weakness to his advantage. The men inside those walls felt extremely secure by this threat around their city.

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I can’t help but think how Satan deals with us the same way. He studies us to find our vulnerabilities. He does his best to lead us to places that will exploit a weakness we have to take us down so we’re less effective for God.

If a person is doing all they can to become financially secure he may guide him/her to an unwise business venture that promises great gain only to remove a lifetime of savings quickly.

Loneliness is a favorite weapon of his. How many leaders have been removed from their position because of marital infidelity? The seduction began in a small way most of the time.

Spiritual empires have been built on the stilts of a television followings only to come tumbling down in ruins when the person in charge lost their godly bearings. Their pride was a prime target.

How does someone protect themself from spiritual attacks? I can think of a few ideas. I’m sure there are others.

Pray for protection and wisdom. This is the last piece of spiritual armor listed in Galatians 6, but it’s the most effective in this battle we’re in. Ask God to show you where you’re vulnerable and how to avoid falling into that trap.

Study the Bible for guidance. A regular intake of God’s Word in your life will do wonders to show you what steps you need to take. Israel’s history would have been different if David hadn’t walked on his roof that fateful night.

Build an accountability group. Ask a few trusted individuals of the same sex to come alongside you to help you see your shortcomings and to ask you how you conducted yourself on your last trip away from your family.

That last one is the one I plan on implementing fresh in my life. God has brought some men to mind who I’m sure could use the same assistance in their lives. Each of us are embarking on God-given ministries in our mid-life years. If they’re under anywhere near as much attack as I’ve felt I’m sure they’ll jump at this chance for assistance from a fellow soldier.

With wisdom, knowledge and accountability as protection pieces Satan will have a much harder time breaking through to God’s people.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

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