I can add a new title to my professional resume. I R a painter.

The financial road God has me on has taken yet another unexpected turn in my life. He’s had me on a strict manna diet the past few months. That means I have just enough income to cover my bills each month.

I’ve had some spending money for a few added items, but very few.

In my quest to build a bit of a spiritual base for an accountability partner(s) I called a friend from church to see if he’d be willing to come alongside me for such a fellowship.

Paul is on his own God-given manna journey. He came to Dallas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary a few years back. After graduating he’s been open to God’s leading for a new church to pastor. So far nothing has transpired along that line.

To support his family Paul took painting and handyman jobs for income while at DTS. He’s used that to fund his family’s fun and food ever since. You see, Paul isn’t an apostle in the truest sense of the term. I call him “the Apainter Paul.”

Before my phone conversation with the Apainter Paul was over he asked if I could use some extra income. I thought about it and prayed intensely before I said a quick “well, yeah.”

Next thing I know I have a paint roller in my hand and I’m adding paint to the inside of a garage of someone I never met in my life. Funny how hunger can make a fella do such impromptu things.

The housing boom in our area has added so much business to the Apainter Paul that he’s been turning work away lately. So, I’m actually adding to his income while aiding my finances as well. That’s what we commonly refer to as a “win-win” situation.

Okay, I admit that I’m as addicted to winning as the next person. Even if nobody’s actually keeping score.

I’ve noticed a few interesting things about paint.

  1. Paint can fill in holes smaller than a pencil eraser. When carefully applied a gob of paint can fill in old screw holes to make the wall look better than it actually is. This is mostly used when someone forgot to fill in said hole with spackle before picking up the roller.
  2. Paint can cover an area of the floor rather quickly. This is extremely important to keep in mind when you don’t plan on painting the floor in the first place. The Apainter is the guy who actually kicked the pail over. I guess he thought a live demonstration of how to rapidly correct such a blunder was the best teaching method.
  3. Paint can hide stains and graffiti quite well. Most of the fading of the old paint covered over well with one coat of paint. The dark brown streaks on the back wall required two coats of paint, but you can’t even guess they’re still there now. I know where they are, but I’m not telling anyone else my secret.

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People tend to handle their spiritual lives like a painter. They do their best to cover their sins and mistakes so nobody else sees the imperfections they have, or they think God keeps score so they try to do enough good works to outscore their bad deeds.

The only problem with this approach is they lose sight of the fact that God sees everything. His perfection excludes anyone who is imperfect. Just because nobody else can see the sin doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

That’s why Jesus became a man. He became the substitute for us to fill in the gap that exists between sinful man and a holy God.

Whenever someone accepts Jesus’ death on the cross as the death we deserve because of our sinfulness God sees us in a completely different light.

It’s only after we accept God’s gift of salvation given by Jesus’ sacrifice of His life that God sees us as His children. It’s as if we are Jesus Himself in God’s view.

The relationship with God is restored and He gains spiritual children who will spend eternity with Him.

That’s the kind of win-win situation I think everybody should accept.

Too bad most people would rather live with stains covered up than to have them removed the right way.

Jesus’ blood washes us whiter than snow.

Don’t settle for a simple cover up when a complete makeover is available to you.

Keep smiling.   Wade

I’m a truck driver turned writer. My writing drives people to Jesus.
I love sunsets/sunrises, dark chocolate, coffee, cats and dogs (as long as their owners pick up after them) and solitude. My relationship with God through Jesus Christ is most important to me, not a religion. This writing gig is all God’s idea. I only wish to bring more attention to Jesus with it.

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2 thoughts on “I can add a new title to my professional resume. I R a painter.

  1. Wade, congratulations on your new title! I see God is providing and you’re wisely accepting his guidance and provision. Thanks again for another thought-provoking post. I forgot to write to you about your Stones post, but that too was great. (You really should put those together in a book–you have a real gift for telling the Story in such an entertaining, yet spiritual way.) Take care…


  2. Thanks for commenting Deb.
    I’m glad my writing is touching your heart. As far as turning these posts into a book God already has placed that burden on my heart. I’ve been blogging a series of devotional books over the past few years. I’ve been trying to find a publisher who’ll catch the vision of these and bring them to the world to transform lives and spiritual relationships. The next few months could prove fruitful as I plan on meeting more publishers at some conferences. Prayers are appreciated.
    Have a great day. Wade

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