Martha walked from the livingroom to the kitchen. People covered nearly every square foot of space. She went outside for fresh air.

A man ran up to her. “Jesus is coming with His men.”

Her feet carried her to the city gate. She found Jesus there. “Lord, if You’d been here Lazarus would still be alive. I know the Father will grant You whatever you ask Him.”

Jesus placed a hand on her shoulder. “Your brother will live again.”

She stared into His eyes. “I know he will at the resurrection, but…”

“I am resurrection and life. Anyone who believes in Me shall live even if he’s dead. The living who believe in me shall never die. Do you understand?”

Martha blinked a few times. “Yes. I believe You are the Messiah, the promised Son of God.”

She pulled Jesus’s hand off her shoulder. “Wait here.”

Martha ran back to the house and found her sister. “Jesus is outside the gate. He’s asking for you.”

Mary stood, wiped the tears from her eyes and pushed her way out the front door.

The crowd followed her. She overheard someone say, “she must be going to the tomb to grieve.”

Mary fell to her knees, her forehead stopped on Jesus’s feet. “Lord, if you’d been here Lazarus would still be alive.”

Jesus looked at the crowd of mourners. A sigh left His lungs. “Where have you laid him?”

A man tugged on Jesus’s sleeve. “Come, I’ll show You.”

When Jesus looked down tears fell on Mary’s hair. He lifted her to her feet and placed an arm across her shoulders. They led the crowd to the tomb.

A woman in the group tapped the man next to her. “See how much He loved this family.”

The man leaned in to her. “I saw Jesus give sight to a blind man. He could have kept Lazarus alive if He’d been here.”


Here’s another popular and often misunderstood account from the life of Jesus. I’ve heard a lot of sermons where the preacher has the sisters blaming Jesus for the death of Lazarus. They have them placing the weight of the situation on the shoulders of God’s Son for not stopping this mess to begin with.

I don’t see it that way.

I believe Martha and Mary fully comprehended Jesus as God’s promised Messiah. Martha even states that fact to Him.

The sisters also recognize God’s sovereignty over every situation in life. So, the death of their brother was accepted as being guided by God’s purpose, even if they didn’t like it.

I see them as making their simple statement of faith to Jesus. “If You had been here You could have stopped this.”

They knew He had the power to heal sick people. They simply wished to turn back the clock and have a different outcome to their dilemma. How often have you been there?

Jesus makes no attempt to correct or teach them here. He recognizes their level of faith as good and acceptable. He also knew He was about to grow their faith in amazing ways by His actions.

Don’t you just love it when Jesus steps in in unexplained and unexpected ways?

Many people had seen Jesus heal the sick, give sight to the blind, cast out demons and a host of other miracles. There were likely some in the crowd who were recipients of such wonders.

But, a body that’s four days past life and in a definite state of decomposition, what hope did anyone have for Lazarus?

His death had come. His time on this earth was over. His influence was nothing more than an echo from now on. Until Jesus…

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What do you have in your life that needs a miracle today?

Is there a strained relationship with a family member? Perhaps you’ve divorced and need hope for your future.

Have your finances been stretched to the limits since you began tithing regularly? Look for Jesus to help you build His kingdom.

Does a series of health issues keep you home more than you’d like? Pray for healing while seeking opportunities to serve where you are.

Keep in mind God won’t often answer your prayers the way you expect Him to. Your spouse may see the divorce as displeasing to God or God may bring someone better suited to you into your life. You may get an unexpected bonus at work or you may keep scratching out an existence to prepare you for a task in the kingdom. You may come across a home remedy that will improve your health or you may come across a ministry that needs more prayer support from you.

What would have happened if Jesus had stayed in the box Martha and Mary put Him in? Do you really want that for your life?

Their faith was strong when Jesus walked back into their lives. He was about to grow it exponentially by His actions.

Remember the times God stepped in to bolster your faith while praying for Him to come back in even more amazing ways.

This life isn’t about our happiness. If it was I’d have checked out a long time ago.

This life is preparation for our eternal assignments in heaven. Don’t expect to strum a harp forever.

We’ll rule alongside Jesus. Each of us is being developed for that task now.

Jesus had told His closest followers numerous times He was going to die and come back to life. They were so focused on the Messiah establishing His kingdom in their lifetime they never comprehended his message.

The object lesson He was about to give should have shaken them into believing He was telling the truth.

Why were they so surprised when He did come back to life?

Perhaps they hadn’t thrown that box away they held the Messiah in.

Don’t think God has forgotten you and your situation.

He hasn’t forgotten. He’s using it to grow your faith exponentially.

Embrace your struggle as training for service.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

I’m a truck driver turned writer. My writing drives people to Jesus.
I love sunsets/sunrises, dark chocolate, coffee, cats and dogs (as long as their owners pick up after them) and solitude. My relationship with God through Jesus Christ is most important to me, not a religion. This writing gig is all God’s idea. I only wish to bring more attention to Jesus with it.