WAITING ON GOD book review and launch

When I learned my friend, Wayne Stiles, was writing a book about the life of Joseph I was thrilled. At the time I was going through Joseph’s life for devotional topics for my blog. It’s always fun to see how another writer sees the same portion of scripture.

Wayne did not disappoint me. I knew he wouldn’t. Waiting-on-God-cover-spine-thin

Wayne Stiles combines the biblical insights of a seminary-trained scholar, the practical application of a seasoned preacher with the personal illustrations of a fellow traveler on this rough road of life to create a volume on the life of a favorite Bible character that should be in the library of every born-again believer.

Patience is not the only lesson Joseph and his family lived out for us. It’s just the most obvious one.

We also experience self-discipline successfully lived out by Joseph,  but not so well by Judah.

Letting go was extremely hard for Jacob to do after his many losses in life. God pried his fingers loose in time.

Unfulfilled faith in one’s lifetime is displayed admirably by Joseph, too.

Forgiveness is given beautifully by the main character as grace is offered by God.

Yeah, the real hand that rocked the events of Joseph’s life was the invisible hand of the God of Israel who tested a young lad to make him the great leader he became.

Don’t be surprised, after reading this book, if you begin to see God’s fingerprints on the events of your life, too. His ways are not our ways. His timing is rarely on our schedule. His lessons require time, struggle and patience.

WAITING ON GOD, What to do when God does nothing, launches today, August 18, 2015. Click the cover of the book above or the link below, you may have to copy and paste it into your browser, to see the bonuses Wayne is offering until August 25, 2015 to make this launch a big success.

Don’t wait to buy this book. The message is timeless. The bonuses aren’t. The full package is well worth getting.


Have a great day.   Wade

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