“Why in the world did you bring that to Jerusalem today? You can’t sacrifice it. The streets are going to be too crowded as it is. The last thing anybody needs is a donkey to stumble over.”

Simon tied the young donkey to a post. “I thought maybe somebody might need help in carrying stuff to the Temple. Maybe I’ll make some money with my friend here.”

The first man laughed. “You think in the strangest ways, Simon. Last year you ended up giving your whole cage of doves to a large family that didn’t have any money. You’ll never make it in the business world. You’re heart is too soft.”

Simon sat on a bench. “Even if we don’t do anything I like this little fella. He’s the calmest colt I’ve ever seen.”

Two other men walked over. “What are we doing today, setting up a petting zoo?”

Simon shook his head. “Just wait and see. He’ll be useful to somebody.”

When Simon looked back at his donkey two men were untying it. “Hey, what are you guys doing.”

One of the men looked at him. “The Lord has need of him.”

Simon swallowed. “Okay, feel free to use him for the Lord.”

When the men walked away with the donkey the first man laughed. “I told you you’ll never make in the business world. You didn’t even begin to haggle a price for renting your beast.”

Simon followed the two men and his donkey.

A crowd was gathering at Mount Olivet. Simon stopped at the foot of the hill. Thomas draped his cloak over the donkey before Jesus sat on it.

The crowd streamed down the hill and gathered along the road to Jerusalem.

When Jesus approached Simon removed his cloak and laid it on the road. Others did the same. Some cut palm branches to line the path for the Messiah.

Jesus nodded slowly at Simon when He passed.

Simon followed as closely as he could. He joined the chant.

“Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed be the King of Israel.”

A Pharisee yelled. “Make Your disciples be quiet, Jesus.”

Jesus smiled. “If they were silent the rocks would cry out this moment.”

Simon worked his way next to Jesus half way up the hill to the capital.

Jesus was staring at the wall of the city. “Oh, Jerusalem, if only you knew who was coming to you today. But, it is hidden from you. No stone will be left on top of another. Even your children will be taken down with your fall.”

Palm branches were carried up the hill to line the road into Jerusalem. The chanting became deafening.

Jesus stopped short of the Temple, dismounted and handed the donkey’s rope back to Simon.

When the crowd dispersed a woman came next to Simon. “Who is that?”

Simon smiled. “Jesus of Nazareth, the prophet from Galilee.”

He bent down and hugged the neck of his donkey. “He needed you, my friend. He needed you.”


Have you ever felt like a nobody who doesn’t have a purpose in life?

Every day is the same. You go to work, or you look for work, or you stay home caring for kids. Hum-drum is your battle cry. Average would be a step up for you.

Remember this donkey who carried Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

He wasn’t good looking or spectacular in any way. A beast of burden was his title.

Yet, his mission was recorded many centuries earlier by Zechariah. He would be ridden by the Son of God into Jerusalem at the height of His popularity.

You read that right. A donkey had a key role in scripture for Jesus’s passion.

This wasn’t just any donkey. No, this little fella had never been ridden by anybody according to Mark and Luke.

His time in the limelight came while he was young, but he was ready for it when it came.

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It may not be a significant event in the grand scheme of human history.

It may only require a short amount of your time.

You may be relegated back to obscurity when it’s over.

I ask again, are you ready and willing to be used by God in some way?

I don’t know what God has in store for you. It’s different for everybody.

It may be inviting that new family from your neighborhood to church. One of those kids may go on to become a preacher because of your obedience.

You might teach that children’s class you’re burdened for. Your attention could turn a destiny 180 degrees for good.

A quick word of encouragement to your pastor about how his message spoke to you could give him the hope he needs to carry on another week.

God’s Holy Spirit lives in you to direct and empower you to step out of your comfort zone to accomplish God’s will. Every time you stuff that urging to step up and do something you know needs to be done the Spirit is saddened.

The job will get done. Will you be the one to do it when God calls you?

Why did Jesus use a little donkey for this significant event in His journey? Humility

He wanted to show how humble He was in obeying the Father’s plan. A work animal carried Him that time from the Mount of Olives.

A white stead of victory will carry Him back to that same spot when He returns to establish His kingdom.

The time is closer than it’s ever been. He said He’s coming back. Let’s do all we can to prepare for His kingdom.

Tell as many others as you can about His grace and love.

Invite them to accept His offer of salvation given on the cross.

Guide them in their spiritual journey into the family of God.

You see, you do have a role to play in this life.

Step up and do it.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

I’m a truck driver turned writer. My writing drives people to Jesus.
I love sunsets/sunrises, dark chocolate, coffee, cats and dogs (as long as their owners pick up after them) and solitude. My relationship with God through Jesus Christ is most important to me, not a religion. This writing gig is all God’s idea. I only wish to bring more attention to Jesus with it.