Tex’s 10 Commands fer writer folks

Boy howdy, I’s so escited. My writer friends fixin’ ta come on back to Dallas and sit a few days. Tickles me a pretty color just thinkin’ bout it.

Now, these folks are kinda speshal to me. They like to read some a what I write. So I’m fixin to give somethin’ to read up on afore the big shindig.

Ben rollin’ thoughts around my noggin for what ta write. Took a bit to come up with a idee, but I got me one ta foller.

I think we need ten writers’ commands to foller just like the Good Lord give us ten commandments to live by.

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Here goes…

  1. The Good Lord God done bought us outa slavery with the blood a Jesus, so don’t y’all go putting nothing afore the Good Lord that don’t aughta be there. Ya hear? Y’all ain’t honorin’ God escept ya put Him first. That writin’ y’all’s doin’ counts, too.

  2. Don’t y’all go makin’ nothing to take the place of the Good Lord now. Not even any a yer writin’. That shiny A-ward counts, too. If’n y’all go writing to git one a dem things ya done gone off the deep end of the holdin’ tank. There’s a audience a one y’all need ta concentrate on. That’s right, the Good Lord is who y’all need to keep happy. Now git to it!

  3. Don’t y’all go usin’ the name of the Good Lord in a way that ain’t right now. Ya know what I mean here. Shoot it strate and y’all’ll be fine.

  4. Foller the Good Lord’s esample by keepin’ a day a week holy. Rest yer feet and yer hoss now. If y’all keep up a city kinfolk pace y’all die young. Yer warned now. Settin’ aside from yer writin’ be good fer yer soul, too.

  5. Honor yer Paw and yer Maw. They done brought y’all into this world. Keep ’em high on yer list of ‘portance. But, not above the Good Lord.

  6. Don’t go killin’ nobody. That don’t mean just the shootin’ kinda dead neither. Words can kill just as well. Build up the body with those words. The Good Lord done give y’all a gift here. Don’t use it wrong now.

  7. Don’t ya go cheatin’ with nobody ain’t yers. That body you got is the Good Lord’s temple now. Y’all’s life ain’t yers now. It belongs to the Good Lord. Make Him proud by what ya do and don’t do.

  8. Don’t y’all take nothin’ don’t belong to ya. If y’all didn’t put it there leave er right there. Same goes with words, too. Don’t go tellin’ ever’one y’all wrote somethin’ ya didn’t. There’s a high-falutin’ word fer that. Pagerisim, er plaggermist, er somthin’ like that. I told y’all it be high-falutin’ now. If y’all didn’t write it it ain’t yer’s.

  9. Don’t y’all go sayin’ stuff bout someone else ain’t so. Watch fer that computer talk, too. Things gits put on there that ain’t right. Folks be watchin’ y’all. So be the Good Lord. Just play fair.

  10. Don’t y’all go wantin’ what some other writer got, now. Don’t y’all want their story. The Good Lord give it ta them. Y’all got yers to fix. So just go to fixin it right fer the Good Lord. If’n they got them a shiny A-ward don’t y’all hanker fer it. Just write for the best reason and the Good Lord’ll reward y’all His way. Might not be here and now, but it’ll be good by Him. That should be good ‘nuf fer y’all.

Thar tis, my Ten Commands fer writer folks. I hope they help y’all keep yer feet on the right trail to foller through that narrow gate to see the Good Lord, now. If’n they don’t then work on gittin’ better at it. I know I needs to work on ’em all the time.

Now let’s be fixin fer that git together acomin’ up. See y’all there with a smile.

Keep smilin’ y’all.    Wade

I’m a truck driver turned writer. My writing drives people to Jesus.
I love sunsets/sunrises, dark chocolate, coffee, cats and dogs (as long as their owners pick up after them) and solitude. My relationship with God through Jesus Christ is most important to me, not a religion. This writing gig is all God’s idea. I only wish to bring more attention to Jesus with it.

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