Okay, what IS the next holiday now?

The Christmas decorations have been on display in many stores for well over a month now. If I remember right Halloween came after that time…and we just ate a big meal with turkey as the main course.

Why don’t I remember summer lately. Did I skip Labor Day somehow?

There was something to do with veterans. That’s right Veterans Day is 11/11 every year. Or, was it Memorial Day that just passed?

“They” are sure right when they say time moves faster as you get older. Before I know it I’ll have to buy new calendars again. Wait! Don’t tell me I missed the coming of the new year.

Is there any way a guy can check these details without relying on store displays. It seems like calendars are for sale year round. Aren’t they?

I know. Sports are a good way to tell what time of year it is. What’s playing?

I saw a baseball game not too long ago. Maybe it’s still summer. Maybe not.

Football is a fall sport. Hockey needs ice, so it’s a winter sport. Basketball is designed as an indoor sport, so it must be a winter game.

I think they’re all being played now. That didn’t help me none.

The Olympics…nope, they ain’t on this year. I’m still lost.

I just checked my watch. That didn’t help neither. All that says is I need to keep typing if I’m going to get this post out on my self-imposed deadline.

Deadline! Where did that word come from. Don’t remind me I’m late for something important.

I hope I ain’t cuz I can’t recall nothing pressing. That doesn’t mean I ain’t. It just means my recallector isn’t working.

Okay. Deep breath time. Inhale…relax…now exhale. Now I’m dizzy. That didn’t help none.

If the calendar on my wall is right it’s still November. The last day at that. December starts tomorrow.

There’s that pesky deadline. Note to self…don’t forget to type a monthly newsletter to everyone subscribed to this here blog for Tuesday. I have some important things to say. If I can just remember what they are at the time. Both of my fans will appreciate it.

Now I know why God doesn’t rely on me to get things done. If He did I wouldn’t have let most of the bad things occur in my life that have happened.

Come to think of it if I’d have had my way I’d probably be the same guy I was 40 years ago. Hold your horses. I was a teenager 40 years ago. Thank you Jesus for not leaving me THAT guy. Whew…I definitely don’t want to go back there. No thank you.

December…that must mean Christmas is the next big holiday, unless I’m Jewish, then it’s Hanukkah. How do I know if I’m Jewish or not? I don’t remember a Bar Mitzvah…so I think I ain’t Jewish.

Must be Christmas is next then.

Why don’t I feel like shopping for anything. Maybe I’ll just celebrate the real reason for the season. Jesus born as God in a human body.

Talk about mind-blowing. How did an infinite God become a finite person?

I can’t explain it neither. Don’t blow a fuse trying and don’t make me blow nothing trying to figure it out.

Let’s just take advantage of God’s incredible love for us by accepting His indescribable gift for an eternal relationship with Him in His incomprehensible heaven.

Ouch! That was one very long sentence with too many big words in it for this puny mind.

I need to go to sleep to rest up for that newsletter going out the first of the month. I hope I remember to do that in time.

Subscribe so you can tell if I did it…or am about to do it…or something.

Keep smiling.   Wade


Jesus looked at each of His disciples. All twenty four eyes were fixed on His.

“Nobody knows the time for the Son of Man’s return. The angels don’t even know. Only the Father knows the day and hour.

“You must stay ready for it to happen at any time. In Noah’s day people were making short-term and long-term plans until the flood struck. The same thing will occur before the Son of Man returns.

“Two people will be working in a field when one of them will vanish. The same thing with two people grinding at a mill, one will be left wondering what happened to their coworker.

“Since you don’t know when this will happen remain ready. If someone knows when a thief will break into their house don’t you think they’ll do their best to stop it? You must keep watching and be ready.

“Be like the wise servant who kept his fellow servants well fed when his master told him to before he went on a long journey. That servant will be rewarded with greater duties after his master returns. The opposite will happen to the wicked servant who neglected his duties because his master was gone longer than he anticipated. Awful punishment awaits that servant.

“It’s like ten virgins who anticipated their groom to come one day. Five of them took oil in their lamps. Five didn’t. When the groom was delayed they fell asleep. At midnight a cry went out, ‘The groom is approaching. Go out to meet him.’ The girls who didn’t have oil asked the ones who did to give them some of their oil. ‘No.’ They said, ‘there may not be enough oil for all of us. Go buy your own.’

“By the time those girls bought oil and knocked on the grooms door it was locked. ‘Go away. I don’t know you.’ The groom declared. If those gals had been prepared they wouldn’t have missed their chance to enjoy the wedding.”

Jesus paused. His men were still focused on Him.

“The kingdom is also similar to a king who went on a long journey. But, before he left he gave money to some of his servants. He gave five gold coins to one, two to another and one to a third one. He did this according to each man’s abilities. When the king returned he had them report to him. The man given five coins brought ten to the king. ‘Well done. You shall rule ten cities for me.’ The servant given two coins brought four. ‘Well done. You shall rule four cities.’

“The last servant returned the single coin he was given. ‘I know you’re a hard man who reaps where he hasn’t sown, so I hid your money to ensure I didn’t lose it. Here is you coin.’

“The king was furious with him. ‘You wicked servant, why didn’t you at least deposit it in the bank to draw interest? Take the coin from him and give it to the man with ten coins.’ ‘But, Sir, he already has ten,’ others protested. ‘He knows what to do with it. He who has will be given more while he who lacks will have what little he has taken from him. Take that lazy servant and cast him away where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'”


Yes, God is extremely harsh when it comes time for judgement. Never lose sight of that aspect of Him.

Never forget God is also extremely generous when He rewards His own.

As born-again believers we’re adopted into God’s spiritual family with Him as our Heavenly Father. Remember those times you put extra effort into something in your childhood just so your dad would take notice? His words of affirmation lifted your heart so high you felt like you could fly.

The same holds true with your Father. He wants us to please Him with everything we do. He will notice every detail and count each act and motivation we put into everything. When you do it to please Him He smiles. He’s waiting for that day He can reward you and take you as His own.

Rewards are only one side of the coin Jesus showed His followers just before His death. Being prepared was the flip side they, and we, need to keep in mind.

Many of these last parables focused on people being locked out of the kingdom Jesus will establish.

There are two times people will cross a point of no return when it comes to being invited into God’s kingdom. There’s the time Jesus focused on here when the kingdom is set up. People who are alive will have either accepted Jesus as their sovereign or not. Those who have will be taken into the wedding feast with open arms. Those who reject Jesus as king will be excluded from an eternity with God in heaven.

The other time people will lose all chance to decide if they’ll be accepted into God’s family is when they die.

Let that sink in.

Yeah, not only is it a secret when God will step in to end life on this planet as we know it, but we also don’t know when our life will end now.

A car accident can occur so fast you don’t even realize what caused it. Tornadoes give very little warning they’re coming right at you. Even a trip to the movie theater or school could be the last event of your life.

The same holds true for everyone around you.

We each have this one life to come to terms with who Jesus really is.

Accept Him as Lord of your life and you’re in.

Reject him as anything short of being the only sacrifice God will accept for His children and you’re out.

Get the word out to as many people as you can.

If they don’t accept this message don’t take it personally.

It isn’t you they’re rejecting, but God.

Please Him by telling them.

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I’ll see you later.   Wade

Thank You Heavenly Father

Thank You Heavenly Father

Thank You for the breath in my lungs, a spark in my mind and praise on my tongue.

Thank You for food on the table, friends to enjoy and a body that’s able.

Thank You for love we can share, hugs to embrace and words of great care.

Thank You for songs that inspire, laughter that frees and poems that inquire.

Thank You for babies so pure, innocence witnessed and curiosity stirred.

Thank You for a new day to start over, fresh choices to make and a chance to recover.

Thank You for the will to go on, to continue this battle til death brings me Home.

Thank You for Your plan for my life, including the trials, the pain and the strife.

Thank You for not leaving me me, but stretching me more so Jesus is seen.

Thank You for wanting me by Your side, enough that You came and suffered and died.

Thank You for Your book I can read, the choice to decide to be slave or be free.

Thank You for choosing me as one of Your own and now using me to tell of Your Son.

Thank You for words that bolster another, encouragement to lift a sister or brother.

Thank You again for breath in my lungs, and a vision to see Your kingdom to come.

In Jesus’s mighty name I pray. AMEN


Judas stepped in front of Jesus and pointed at the temple structure. “Have You ever seen anything so marvelous? The gold is incredible. There’s no better building for God’s house.”

Jesus stared into his eyes. “Every stone you see here shall be thrown down in days to come.”

The disciples looked at Him, then at the temple and each other. Jesus walked out of the temple and led them to the Mount of Olives.

Peter, Andrew, James and John sat in front of Jesus.

James leaned forward. “What signs shall we look for before the temple’s doom?”

Andrew pulled James’s shoulder back. “And what shall we expect before Your kingdom begins?”

The other disciples gathered around their rabbi.

“Many will come claiming to be Me. Don’t fall for their deception. Wars and hints of war will happen. Several earthquakes in various places will occur, along with famines. Deadly diseases will run rampant. These are just the beginning.

“You will be hated because of Me. Don’t worry what you’ll say when they drag you before councils. The Holy Spirit will speak through you so they can’t refute your testimony. Family members will betray each other to death, including some of you.

“When you see the ‘abomination of desolation’ mentioned by Daniel run. Don’t go into your house for anything. Tribulations will increase to an unprecedented point. The time will be cut short so some will survive, the elect.

“The sun will be darkened. The moon and stars will dim. As lightning fills the sky so will the coming of the Son of Man be. Everyone will see Him. The elect will rejoice. Others will fear. Angels will sound the trumpet and gather the elect from earth and heaven.”

Jesus reached up and plucked a small leaf. “Just as you know summer is near when the trees bud recognize the signs I mentioned. God’s chosen people will not pass away before these things occur. Earth and heaven will pass before My words ever do.”


The Olivet Discourse is an interesting conversation Jesus had with His disciples during His last week on this earth. They knew his kingdom needed to be established because of the prophesies they’d heard about. They assumed it would begin at that time.

Then Jesus throws a monkey wrench into the works by predicting the destruction of the temple they were just in. That brings about more questions. What signs will precede that event? What signs will precede Your kingdom?

Jesus did His best to answer both questions, but He muddied the waters at the same time. Which answers are for what event?

The temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. Many believe ‘the abomination of desolation’ Daniel wrote about occurred before that event. Some Jews who were passionate about keeping their country intact and independent killed the priests in the temple. That precipitated the war with Rome that led to the demolition of the temple.

Others think the abomination has yet to occur. They prefer an end-times rendition of that cataclysm. All I know for sure is we’ll know for sure after Jesus’s kingdom is established and this is all over with.

Some of the Olivet Discourse was directed directly at the disciples. Jesus told them they’d be brought before councils to be beaten. He told them the Holy Spirit would speak through them at those times. Some people misinterpret that statement to say preachers don’t need to prepare a sermon so the Holy Spirit isn’t hindered.

Great care needs to be exercised whenever a person handles biblical doctrine, whether that’s prophesies or any other type of scripture. Don’t twist it to say what you want it to say for your personal convenience.

I’ve heard too many radio preachers take a verse out of context to fit their message. That type of laziness will only come back to haunt them when they stand before God to answer for their actions. Teachers are held at a greater level of scrutiny for an important reason. Many cults are built on misused Bible verses.

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The temple Herod commissioned to be built was still under construction during Jesus’s lifetime. So, why was it destroyed so soon after it was built?

It was used as a place for many confrontations between Jesus and the religious establishment of that day. That’s why it was rebuilt at that time.

It became completely obsolete after Jesus’s sacrificial death brought an end to the sacrificial system set up by Moses. That’s why it was destroyed.

The sheep and doves offered for sins committed pointed forward to Jesus, the Messiah, who would end such sacrifices.

The temple was a building that replaced the movable tabernacle the Hebrews hauled around before they moved into the promised land. Both structures were a representation of God dwelling among men with the priest being the go between for communication purposes.

Since Jesus is our ultimate High Priest who intercedes for us to God no building is needed for such purposes.

The Holy spirit who indwells us now communicates for us to God the Father. Our bodies are now considered the temple of God among men.

Our challenge is to maintain our personal temples in such a way that pleases God.

His love is unconditional so there’s nothing we can do to bring about the destruction of these temples such as the building in Jerusalem endured.

God doesn’t have a body. He is a Spirit.

Everything set up by Moses and the law served to represent our relationship with God’s spirit in a physical way. When the kingdom is established all hindrances will be removed and our relationship with God will be restored completely.

Until then many things will become worse to get people’s attention. Jesus hinted at that in His discourse with His disciples. He further described the events leading up to His return to John in the book of Revelation.

Looking closely at that book shows me the end is near.

The leaves are budding.

Let’s get the word out about the kingdom coming soon.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

Some silly things I’m thankful for

As Thanksgiving day comes round again and knocks upon my door

I’m thinking of some silly things that I am grateful for

Like fire flies that make a light without a battery

and squirrels that scamper on the ground then quickly climb a tree

I like that grass stands up tall but is smooth under bare feet

and waves that crash upon the shore then leave a sandy beach

A bumble bee should not be able to fly according to engineers

with a body so big and wings too small to lift it in the air

I marvel that fish can breathe in water with gills instead of lungs

but I would drown if I sunk down to depths too far to plunge

Caterpillars have too many feet and are such clumsy things

in time they discard their toes and sprout such beautiful wings

A seed so small goes in the ground to become a bigger plant

if it could choose to just refuse, never mind, it can’t

A pollywog that swims around just like it is a fish

til legs appear and lungs become more than a simple wish

Some bugs can fly while others crawl wherever they can go

I like the way God made each one so it would simply know

The sky so blue takes on such hews at sunrset and sunrise

the colors made by such display are pleasing to my eyes

The stars at night are glorious and awesomely incredible

yet God, it’s said, gave each a name because that’s where He dwells

This God also became a man because He loves us so

Jesus was named before His birth so many years ago

He showed us how we’re meant to live by being one of us

I don’t know why so many fight and throw up such a fuss

He shared God’s love and lived out grace like none I ever knew

yet took the whip and accepted each insult at Him they threw

Jesus died the death we ought to have suffered on that cross

He did it all because of the love God has for each one of us

I’m grateful that I took this gift God offered up to me

I hope you too open this love He gave upon that tree

You never know when your time upon this earth will end

don’t fight with God but open up and become His friend

A relationship with Him is what this life is all about

there’s just one way for you to come that’s without a doubt

I pray you too are grateful for the suffering Jesus took

if not then read the story for you in His Bible book

Take for yourself this substitutionary death He took for you

then we will meet in heaven one day as siblings we never knew

I am now a magicmatician!

I have video proof that I just added a new title to my resume of life skills. I’m officially a magicmatician.

Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself and see if I’m wrong.

You’ll also see how sugar is like the Holy Spirit. Taste and see for yourself.

Keep smiling.   Wade

Is everybody here like THAT?

I experienced an interesting day in Houston last Friday delivering windows. I spent the night there so I was somewhat fresh beginning those shipments.

Since there were some very heavy windows and patio doors onboard I was given a helper. I’m extremely glad I had the help since my back was talking to me big time as it was before we were done.

Our first two stops were the ones that stand out in my mind for one particular reason. Each one had a person in a seriously bad mood.

The first guy had just been scolded by a co-worker for no good reason, at least that was his excuse for being in his funk.

He began telling us some personal information about his cohort that I had no inclination to care about. After a pause from us toward his ramifications of harm he finally realized we weren’t about to follow his funk so he began to change his attitude.

I flat out told him, “I’m just trying to deliver windows not get in the middle of someone else’s drama.”

The second stop had a younger guy in a sour mood for an unknown reason. Fortunately he took his pent up strain out on carrying the big windows in by himself. I didn’t want to extend his mood downward, but, honestly, if it made him work harder I was all for his temper problem.

My helper and I started hypothesizing about what made everybody in Houston so ill-tempered. It was either the water or something to do with living so close to the Gulf of Mexico. Whatever it was made us want to finish our deliveries and return home as soon as possible.

For the record our other stops were much more pleasant to accomplish. Two bad apples didn’t spoil everybody in Houston, just two fellers.

That got me to thinking about how people view Christians. They see a few people in the fringes of our society ranting about the evil lifestyles certain folks choose to live and assume all of us are egotistical bigots.

Of course we aren’t, but you can’t convince some people of that.

Sure, God frowns on certain behaviors laid out as sin in the Bible. But, He also frowns on us attempting to jamb our religion down someone’s throat in a forceful way. too.

Therein lies the problem. It’s not a religion we’re to be pushing but a fresh relationship with God as our adopted heavenly Father.

People aren’t to be dragged into this family kicking and screaming, but loved on a personal level.

The sin is what’s to be hated not the sinner.

The sinner should be a reminder of where we were before our adoption.

Jesus lived out an acceptance of people caught in sin while offering a fresh start.

Let’s follow His example, not those fire brands sending folks to hell with no chance to change.

Keep smiling and loving.   Wade