Jesus looked at each of His disciples. All twenty four eyes were fixed on His.

“Nobody knows the time for the Son of Man’s return. The angels don’t even know. Only the Father knows the day and hour.

“You must stay ready for it to happen at any time. In Noah’s day people were making short-term and long-term plans until the flood struck. The same thing will occur before the Son of Man returns.

“Two people will be working in a field when one of them will vanish. The same thing with two people grinding at a mill, one will be left wondering what happened to their coworker.

“Since you don’t know when this will happen remain ready. If someone knows when a thief will break into their house don’t you think they’ll do their best to stop it? You must keep watching and be ready.

“Be like the wise servant who kept his fellow servants well fed when his master told him to before he went on a long journey. That servant will be rewarded with greater duties after his master returns. The opposite will happen to the wicked servant who neglected his duties because his master was gone longer than he anticipated. Awful punishment awaits that servant.

“It’s like ten virgins who anticipated their groom to come one day. Five of them took oil in their lamps. Five didn’t. When the groom was delayed they fell asleep. At midnight a cry went out, ‘The groom is approaching. Go out to meet him.’ The girls who didn’t have oil asked the ones who did to give them some of their oil. ‘No.’ They said, ‘there may not be enough oil for all of us. Go buy your own.’

“By the time those girls bought oil and knocked on the grooms door it was locked. ‘Go away. I don’t know you.’ The groom declared. If those gals had been prepared they wouldn’t have missed their chance to enjoy the wedding.”

Jesus paused. His men were still focused on Him.

“The kingdom is also similar to a king who went on a long journey. But, before he left he gave money to some of his servants. He gave five gold coins to one, two to another and one to a third one. He did this according to each man’s abilities. When the king returned he had them report to him. The man given five coins brought ten to the king. ‘Well done. You shall rule ten cities for me.’ The servant given two coins brought four. ‘Well done. You shall rule four cities.’

“The last servant returned the single coin he was given. ‘I know you’re a hard man who reaps where he hasn’t sown, so I hid your money to ensure I didn’t lose it. Here is you coin.’

“The king was furious with him. ‘You wicked servant, why didn’t you at least deposit it in the bank to draw interest? Take the coin from him and give it to the man with ten coins.’ ‘But, Sir, he already has ten,’ others protested. ‘He knows what to do with it. He who has will be given more while he who lacks will have what little he has taken from him. Take that lazy servant and cast him away where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'”


Yes, God is extremely harsh when it comes time for judgement. Never lose sight of that aspect of Him.

Never forget God is also extremely generous when He rewards His own.

As born-again believers we’re adopted into God’s spiritual family with Him as our Heavenly Father. Remember those times you put extra effort into something in your childhood just so your dad would take notice? His words of affirmation lifted your heart so high you felt like you could fly.

The same holds true with your Father. He wants us to please Him with everything we do. He will notice every detail and count each act and motivation we put into everything. When you do it to please Him He smiles. He’s waiting for that day He can reward you and take you as His own.

Rewards are only one side of the coin Jesus showed His followers just before His death. Being prepared was the flip side they, and we, need to keep in mind.

Many of these last parables focused on people being locked out of the kingdom Jesus will establish.

There are two times people will cross a point of no return when it comes to being invited into God’s kingdom. There’s the time Jesus focused on here when the kingdom is set up. People who are alive will have either accepted Jesus as their sovereign or not. Those who have will be taken into the wedding feast with open arms. Those who reject Jesus as king will be excluded from an eternity with God in heaven.

The other time people will lose all chance to decide if they’ll be accepted into God’s family is when they die.

Let that sink in.

Yeah, not only is it a secret when God will step in to end life on this planet as we know it, but we also don’t know when our life will end now.

A car accident can occur so fast you don’t even realize what caused it. Tornadoes give very little warning they’re coming right at you. Even a trip to the movie theater or school could be the last event of your life.

The same holds true for everyone around you.

We each have this one life to come to terms with who Jesus really is.

Accept Him as Lord of your life and you’re in.

Reject him as anything short of being the only sacrifice God will accept for His children and you’re out.

Get the word out to as many people as you can.

If they don’t accept this message don’t take it personally.

It isn’t you they’re rejecting, but God.

Please Him by telling them.

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I’ll see you later.   Wade

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  1. Wade, you need to compile all of these into a book. It’s excellent, very readable, easy to understand and spiritually correct. These stories are perfect for explaining the Good News to others. I hope you think about that, Wade, because this is excellent work. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Thank you Deb
    I’m in the process of finding a publisher to put a series of devotional books together from my blog posts from the past few years, beginning with the Christmas story. Pray for God’s leading and timing.

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