“What have I done to deserve any of this? First, you take me from my home. Then you drag me to a foreign land. Now you force your husband on me. Now that I’m carrying his child you treat me even worse than before. I can’t take much more of this.” Hagar stared into Sarai’s eyes.

Sarai spun away and stormed up to Abram. “Hagar is becoming impossible to live with. What are we going to do with her?”

Abram looked over Sarai’s shoulder at Hagar watching from her tent. He shrugged. “She’s your maid servant. Do to her as you wish.”

Hagar collected a few things and exited out the back of the tent.

She stopped at some water when she became too thirsty to continue. Her tears refilled the pool she drank from.

She twisted around at the voice of a man.

“Hagar, where have you come from?”

Hagar wiped the tears from her eyes. “Do I know you?”

“Where is Sarai’s mistress going?”

“I…I can’t stand living with her any more. I have to leave before it’s too late.”

“You are carrying Abram’s son.”

She rubbed her belly. “How do you know?”

“You shall call him Ishmael. He will be wild with many enemies, yet he will live with his brothers and give you many descendants. Return to Sarai now so he’s with his father.”

Hagar gazed at the man. “Are you thirsty?” she turned toward the pool. “I can get you some water.”

When she turned back the man was gone. She looked around and found herself alone. Two footprints occupied where the man stood, but none led to or went away from that spot.

“Surely I have seen the God who sees me.” She rubbed her belly. “Ishmael, God knows you and me.”

She returned to Sarai with renewed hope.


Thirteen years later she found herself in Beersheba alone. Ishmael looked asleep under the only shrub she could find in the distance. She couldn’t tell if he was still breathing or not.

Her tears made mud in the dust. “So this is how it all ends. The birds will clean our flesh off our bones.”

A familiar voice came from the sky. “Don’t despair, Hagar. I’ve heard the boy’s tears. Take his hand and go on. He will give you many descendants.”

Hagar looked around to find who was talking to her. It was then she found the oasis not far away. She filled the water skin and gave Ishmael a drink.


You can’t convince me God doesn’t pay attention to single moms. This is the first instance of God stepping in to help one out.

Hagar ‘s life hadn’t turned out at all as she had dreamed it would. Circumstances diminished in her youth. She was given to this foreign family who visited Egypt during a drought in their land.

One day a decision was made by the woman who called the shots in her life to allow the husband to conceive a child through her womb for an heir.

Why wouldn’t Hagar be bitter toward Sarai?

Sarai’s jealousy over this young woman carrying her husband’s child only complicated the relationship.

Unable to comprehend the best course of action between these two women Abram left them to themselves.

I’m not at all surprised Hagar left to fend for herself.

I often wonder if Abram ever wanted to try to find her. We aren’t told he did, but God did.

God found her because He had a plan for her and her son. He has a plan for every mom and child. Believe that.

Life is complicated. It always will be. Some people’s lives are more complicated than others.

Nothing is too complicated for God. Nothing.

Society says if a pregnancy complicates your life too much end it and move on.

God says, “I have a plan for both of you. Trust Me. Carry on.”

Nothing surprises God. People make bad decisions all the time. People do bad things to other people every day.

God can even work something good out of those bad things in time.

The pain of the incident is no time to make a permanent decision about this temporary event.

The child can be adopted by a loving family and thrive if you can’t see how you can provide. Childless couples are praying for that chance.

Adoption regrets are easier to live with than abortion regrets.

The days, weeks and months you carry that child will seem endless, but you’ll likely give birth.

The years that follow will be complicated at best. A life will be saved and lived. There’s nothing better than that.

God made Ishmael to thrive in the wild. A bow and arrow were his weapons of choice. Cities probably made him uncomfortable.

Hagar found him a wife from her homeland of Egypt, perhaps a relative. He became a father of many children.

None of that would have happened if God hadn’t stepped into her life at just the right time.

God is still in the habit of stepping into people’s lives at just the right time. His weapon of choice is often other people.

I know other people have helped me when I need help the most. Even when I don’t ask for it.

God heard Hagar when she cried out early in her pregnancy. He heard Ishmael early in his life.

Both of them fulfilled God’s plan for them in time.

Time is the operative word here.

Surround yourself with godly people and good things will eventually happen.

God repeatedly tells His spiritual children to help each other out in the Bible.

Some of them may take advantage of you. They’re still depraved with weak wills.

Many will go out of their way to help you.

That’s God’s favorite way to help folks out today.

Study the Bible to see how God expects you to live.

Share your life with others who do the same.

Expect God to show Himself to you when you most need Him.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

I’m a truck driver turned writer. My writing drives people to Jesus.
I love sunsets/sunrises, dark chocolate, coffee, cats and dogs (as long as their owners pick up after them) and solitude. My relationship with God through Jesus Christ is most important to me, not a religion. This writing gig is all God’s idea. I only wish to bring more attention to Jesus with it.

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