I don’t know much about the future, but I do know this.

Holy “What day is it?” My life has gotten extremely crazy lately. Hence the Monday blog post on Wednesday. I don’t know when I’ll finally get another Friday post out. Prayers are appreciated.

My poor female mailman has gotten quite the workout carrying my 900 books into the apartment complex’s office last week. I put up a Facebook page to sell some of them. People have said they want to buy them, but…so far I still have all 900 books sitting in my livingroom/diningroom/writing quarters.

You’ve heard of the movie War Room? Well I used my cases of books to make a Prayer Chair. Check it out!

Wade's Prayer Chair

Wade’s Prayer Chair

That’s 36 boxes with 25 books in each box. That comes up to a total of 90,000 prayers. I still need more prayers to get my life back in order.

Tate made me such a good deal all I need to do is sell six boxes of these life-changing books to pay for the whole chair. Don’t worry, I’ll simply sit closer to the floor for awhile.

Part of the reason none of these books has sold so far is my fault. I waited to set up the Facebook page until after I actually had books to sell. I bought a shopping cart system to sell them through. The only problem was this shopping cart doesn’t hold actual physical products, yet. Hence, I couldn’t sell nothin’.

Now I learned I can sell directly through Paypal. So, it’s set up to do that. Now nobody knows they can buy my book that way. I have 160 likes in less than a week and everybody forgot about my book already.

There are a lot of things I don’t know about the future. I have no clue who will be our next president. I’m actually uneasy about most of the folks who may win this election.

I don’t know if I’ll ever actually sell a single book. That prayer chair may become a permanent part of my apartment.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to pay my rent next month. Actually, April is okay, it’s May that’s uncertain at this point.

I don’t know if I’ll be selling my books out of the back of my van on a street corner just to be able to pay for my next meal. I told you I need more prayers.

The only thing I know 100% is because of what we commemorated last Sunday. I know I’ll be spending eternity with God in Heaven because the tomb they laid Jesus’ dead body in is empty.

I know. That’s crazy. There’s nothing there to see. How can I know this without a doubt when I can’t even set up a proper online method to sell books?

I’m confident about it because it has nothing to do with my ability to carry this off. If it did I’d be in BIG trouble.

I know it will happen because God laid it all out in the Bible so we’d see it for ourselves.

I bank on the empty tomb because eyewitnesses saw it and the Man who died on that cross for no good reason.

I take that back, Jesus did have a good reason to die on that cross. It wasn’t because He deserved to be there. He hung there and sent His last breath out just so I can be with Him and His Abba for the rest of eternity, which is only slightly longer than it will take me to sell all my books.

His death was a necessary step in the redemption process. His life is proof he has power over our worst enemy, death. His desire is for me and you to take His promise as our only hope of getting to Heaven, too.

90,000 prayers won’t get you there. If they did I’d be able to sell all my books in a heartbeat.

One prayer is all you need. It’s the one where you admit your inability to reach God because of your sin and imperfections, then you take God’s gift that Jesus purchased with his death on the cross.

(Windows just high-jacked my computer to make updates. I had to use my tiny backup computer to finish this post. Welcome to my world.)

I don’t know what impact my prayers will have on anybody, both the written prayers in my book or the ones I actually pray to God individually. I only know God gave me the stewardship of these books and these prayers.

Now, if somebody would click on the link at the top of the page for 100 Prayers and try to actually buy a book I’d be able to sleep better knowing i actually did something right with this online technology complexity stuff.

Keep smiling.   Wade

Today I Turn Double Nickels

Milestones seem to be coming at me at a fast clip lately.

Clifford broke the 200,000 mile mark just before I broke the old speed limit on my age.

I hope to be able to afford new brakes on Clifford soon. Me I’m not so worried about. Watch the video to see why I say that.

If the force is with me I’ll receive my first copies of my first book on my birthday. If you see a link on the blog then they’re here.

Now to practice blowing out candles.

Keep smiling.   Wade

Did the time change affect you adversely? Not me

Here we go again. The federal government has enforced another forced hour-less of sleep on most of its citizens.

A show of hands now…how many of you slept through till your normal time to wake up and showed up to church an hour late?

I see that hand.

The people most affected by this slight of hand to “save” daylight are those of you with too predictable of a life. You live in a rut of comfort.

Me, I don’t have such luxury in my existence.

I do good to get 40 hours of sleep per week, forget about 40 hours of work. That’s a slow week lately.

Last week I actually had three consecutive days working approximately the same time frame each day. That’s a rarity.

The week before last my Circadian rhythm was set upside down. I drove all over the place during the night and attempted to sleep during the day.

Notice I said attempted. When Mr. Sun is shining this old country boy needs to be in it, not avoiding it.

I tried to walk through a drive-through window at a fast-food joint because my semi wouldn’t quite fit only to be told they couldn’t serve me without first seeing my car. No, I didn’t enlarge their property line to make a point. I simply settled for the PBJ I fixed for myself for my “breakfast” shortly before midnight in Tennessee. Some battles just aren’t worth fighting.

Occasionally I envy people with a predictable life. Then I remember God didn’t call me to that at this time in my life. I’m not saying that to brag just to show where I’m at right now.

At some point my life may become predictable, but I highly doubt it.

As a writer/entrepreneur I don’t expect to punch a clock unless it’s to make it stop so I can meet a deadline sometime.

I could go back to a “normal” life with a set schedule making good money for the remainder of my days, but I wouldn’t be happy doing that.

God has chosen me to step into the frontline of this spiritual battle with words, both written and spoken.

Soldiers aren’t treated tenderly during boot camp for a reason.

Perseverance and determination are molded in the furnace of adversity not predictability.

So, for those of you adversely affected by this measly sixty minute adjustment to your comfortable schedule I have one thing to say to you.

YOU’RE SOFT! You’re all marshmallows who’ll melt in the heat of battle.

If Satan doesn’t see you as a threat to his schemes he isn’t going to give you the time of day by way of making you’re life uncomfortable.

Bad things happen to God’s people being forged into soldiers fighting for His kingdom.

If you haven’t faced adversity pray you do soon. That will be evidence God sees you as a valuable ally on His force for good.

No, it won’t be pretty or comfortable. It will be hard and you’ll want to quit.

Persevere my fellow soldiers. March on toward the front line.

Stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

Perhaps next year you hardly notice this 1/24th of a day inconvenience to your life.

Let’s roll.

Keep smiling.   Wade

Sprig haz Sprung id Dort Tekas

Ahhh…the smell of pollen in the air. Spring has arrived early in North Texas this year. El Nino has been kind to us while other folks are still digging snow, with angst and vulgar vocabulary.

Our popcorn trees have popped. The redbud trees are purple again. The Bluebonnets shall be blue very soon.

Texas Popcorn Tree

Texas Popcorn Tree

The assault on my sinuses is in full swing, or shall I say “da assaut on by siduses id in pull swig?”

I don’t know if pollen was an original part of the curse in the Garden of Eden, but it sure has made it’s presence known as such in this generation.

All I know for sure is gagging on post nasal drip isn’t very conducive to a good night’s sleep. After having to change my sleep pattern for work last week I can use all the sleep I can get right now. I think I’m ready for fall already.

Before long my A/C will be running fulltime and my electric bill will push my budget past its limit. Yeah, I’m ready for fall.

Don’t you wish you could skip certain things in your life?

I have a few things I’d rather do without in mine about now.

Fortunately God doesn’t give us that option in this life. It’s fortunate because each difficulty has a purpose. They’re all working to make us like Jesus Christ.

It ain’t easy being transformed from a sin-filled person to the perfect Son of God. In fact it’s impossible in our own strength.

It won’t happen in this life, but it needs to be our goal none the less.

I know I don’t want to remain this selfish egotist I am right now. Okay, maybe a part of me wants to stay here…a very small part, not my nose.

I’m going to go back to sucking on lozenges, popping decongestants and struggling for each breath now…all for the glory of God.

Keep smiling…and breathing.   Wade


When the three men finished eating they stood.

Abraham stood and followed them as they walked eastward.

Jesus stopped. The others did, too. “I must explain to Abraham what I’m about to do since he must pass down My requirements of righteousness and justice to the nation I have chosen through him. Every nation shall be blessed by him.”

The two men walked on toward Sodom.

Jesus turned and faced Abraham. “The people of Sodom have become extremely corrupt. I must see if they are as bad as is reported. They must be stopped.”

Abraham looked at the valley, then back at Jesus. “You are too righteous to take the good with the bad. There must be some righteous folks in that city. Would You save them for fifty people who follow You? Will You really take the righteous with the wicked?”

Jesus nodded. “I will spare Sodom if I find fifty righteous people there.”

Abraham cleared his throat. “Suppose there are five fewer than that. Would you spare the city for forty five?”

“If I find forty five they shall all live.”

“How about forty? Will you spare it for forty?”

“Yes, for forty they will live.”

“Please be patient with me. If you find thirty good people will You spare them all?”

“Yes, thirty will save them all.”

“If I may speak again. Would twenty be enough to divert Your judgement?”

“Twenty will be enough.”

“Please allow me one more request. Ten people, if you find just ten can they all live?”

“If I find ten I will relent.”

Abraham stared at the city. When he blinked Jesus was gone.


The next morning Abraham gasped when smoke filled the sky from the fire in the valley. He fell to his knees and worshiped God.


Intercessory prayer is a mighty weapon we wield from our arsenal. Sometimes even that isn’t enough to save people from their consequences.

Abraham knew these people in Sodom and Gomorrah personally. He had refused to take any of their goods as payment for saving them from a more powerful king not too long before this exchange he had with God.

He knew his nephew Lot chose to live among them. Surely Lot would have affected change in some of them. Nine converts is all it would have taken to divert God’s wrath on their sinful ways.

Perhaps Abraham held up both hands when he made his last request. God didn’t even find enough godly folks to fill one hand.

The men of Sodom had walked so far away from God’s plan for men their lust couldn’t be diverted at all.

We aren’t told how much Abraham knew of this wickedness.

Was he creeped out whenever he was near them?

Did they openly perform their lust in his presence?

How could he know the extent of their lifestyle?

He realized they were worth a prayer.

He had talked with God face to face before. This time a boldness took hold as he bartered for their lives…50…45…40…30…20…10

There must have been ten people who feared God in that city. Wasn’t there?

There wasn’t.

Who are you praying diligently for?

Don’t give up.

They need you to continue to intercede for them.

God told Abraham He would have withheld His judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah because of his intercession. It’s the only chance they had for a second chance.

It may be the only chance the person you’re praying for has.

Don’t give up.

God is listening to your heart as it cries out for change. He can bring about change in ways that nobody else can.

Stay on your knees.

Jesus told a story of a persistent widow who won her case simply because she didn’t give up. She was successful when dealing with a corrupt judge. Just imagine how much more effective she would have been with a righteous God.

Maintain your focus.

When you run out of words to pray stay at it. God promises us the Holy Spirit continues our request with groans to God when we’re out of words in Romans 8:26.

Have you ever wondered why God hasn’t stepped in and ended life on this planet because of how bad things have gotten?

It’s because there are at least ten godly people here who fear God and follow Him.

We are the salt preserving life as we know it.

Numerous people will believe after the core group of believers are raptured off of this planet. Their lives will be demanded of them during the Tribulation by God’s enemies.

Introduce as many people to Jesus as you can. They may reject Him now, but your words will echo in their ears after you’re gone.

Sodom and Gomorrah were a massive object lesson for Abraham. He needed to see how sincere God is about sin.

Abraham was chosen by God to begin a mighty nation of chosen followers. God’s judgement was put on display so Abraham would be able to pass down this event to his descendants.

Doing what seems right in our own eyes doesn’t cut it as God’s chosen child.

It wasn’t then.

It isn’t now.

Abraham’s offspring were set aside in Egypt for over four centuries so they wouldn’t be corrupted by those around them who did as they pleased.

When they came out of bondage God gave them laws to follow that would keep them pure from other cultures.

Their failure to stay the course was why Jesus came to die for our sins. We can’t do it on our own. We aren’t strong enough on our own free will.

The temporary pleasures too frequently appeal more than the long-term benefits of God’s promises.

We must make a conscious decision to deny our own lusts, both the big ones and the small ones.

Purity is tough. Jesus is tougher than any weakness you have.

Give your life to Him so He can build in you the stamina you need to persevere.

Stand up for truth and for those who can’t stand for themselves.

I’ll see you later.   Wade