A Christmas Medley for Y’all

I didn’t know what I was going to post for Christmas this year. This was important since I usually send out a new post on Monday morning and Christmas falls on a Monday.

While driving to Lubbock this week I experienced both kinds of snow…falling snow on the way into Lubbock Friday, and fallen snow on the return trip Saturday.

I’ve been teaching myself how to sing better as I drive by listening to a voice coach give voice lessons on a CD. While I’m driving I sound pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Saturday’s drive inspired me to sing some Christmas carols in advance of the holiday. I came up with three that have a similar theme and tone so I decided to sing them for y’all here on my blog. Silent Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem and What Child is This?…first verses only.

As I listened to the video I realized I don’t sound as good in my apartment as I do in a semi. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I want you to.

Feel free to sing along. Maybe our voices will sound better together and you’ll enjoy them even more.

For a bit of a twist I sang Jesus Loves Me after the three carols. Then I made a new verse to tie it into the Christmas theme to make it a carol, too.

Merry Christmas my friends.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

Dumb They Called Me

It’s time for my annual spoof of a classic Christmas song. This year The Little Drummer Boy gets a make over.

Don’t expect much humor this go-round. A spiritual contrast is more the order of business this year.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think will benefit from the message conveyed here.

I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

Eek is Released to the World October 11th

You read that headline correctly. Eek the mouse (no relation to Mickey) is finally coming out for all y’all to read about and fall in love with. October 11, 2016 is the date he’s been waiting for more than his whole life (which, for a storybook mouse, is a long time).

Discover how God uses a mouse who doesn’t want to be a mouse to be a messenger of the news of why Christmas is so important for every person on the planet. What we do with that news is up to each one of us.

Here’s the trailer for Eek’s Gifts.

Available at your favorite online retailer October 11, 2016. Personal signed copies available here soon.

Keep smiling.   Wade

Eek’s Gifts Book Trailer

I just completed my first attempt at making a book trailer. Eek will be set loose upon the world next month so I thought I’d do my part to get the world prepared for his adorableness now.

I used several of the illustrations Dyann Joyce created to tell a condensed story of Eek and Aagh.

I’m hoping this will excite more people to give to my Razoo crowdfunding campaign.

I’ve been waiting several years for Eek’s release. The wait is soon to be over.

Here’s the link to the Razoo page in case you think it’s safe to let Eek loose, too. https://www.razoo.com/us/story/4bducf

Keep smiling.   Wade

You Can Have a Major Part in Writing 3 Books

Christmas is right around the corner. It’s getting too close for this author of 3 Christmas books.

As a truck driver over the years I’ve delivered loads of mail, i.e. Christmas Cards and packages; I even spent three days one year delivering fully decorated Christmas trees from a mall to folks who bought them on auction.

This year I get to deliver the most important Christmas gift of all…the good news of God coming down as one of us in the form of a tiny baby. I have it packaged three different ways. A devotional book, a middle-grade story and an adult contemporary story.

There’s only one problem standing in my way at the moment

My dilemma lies in the fact that the three books are ready to be printed. The covers are set. The printing is laid out to fit into a book. The illustrations are even on the right pages for the middle-grade story. Except…I’m too poor to buy my own copies to have available to sell and promote them.

That’s where you come in, my friend. I set up a crowdfunding page at Razoo to see if enough people believe in what I’m writing that they’ll help by donating money to further my writing addiction.

I recorded a video describing the books and a few incentives to spur folks along.

Here’s the link to the funding page for those of you who want to help me deliver the good news this Christmas in three exciting ways.


Pray about how God wants you to become involved. I can’t do this alone. I need you to help me finish “writing” these books.

Thank you in advance. Keep smiling.   Wade

SHEPHERDS’ NEWS a classic post

Merry Christmas to any of my peeps reading this on Jesus’s birthday. I’ve decided to dig into my archives to bring you a favorite scene from the stable. You’ll discover when Mary and Joseph learned how the shepherds were told about the Savior.

As Mary felt the infant at her breast fall asleep she carefully rolled Him over and wrapped Jesus in the simple cloth she had. Joseph unfolded the wool blanket into the feed trough so the baby would remain secure as He slept.

“Too bad we couldn’t bring the crib I made. I spent a lot of time on that thing.”

Mary looked into Joseph’s eyes as she handed Jesus to him. “It’s the best crib in the world. You know there was no way we could get that here in one piece. We would have needed a camel for that.”

Joseph laid Jesus in the manger and stepped back. “He looks so normal. Are you sure He’s the Messiah?”

Joseph snapped around to the front of the stable when he heard the scuffing of feet and heavy breathing. The smell of human sweat and sheep soon filled his nostrils.

One of the men tapped the other on the arm with the back of his hand, then he pointed at the baby. “There He is! Just like the angel said…lying in a manger, wrapped in cloth.”

“Angel…!?” Mary and Joseph replied in unison.

“Yeah, the sky was full of ’em! Lit up the night like it was mid-day.” The second shepherd looked at Joseph. “May we come in for a closer look?”

“Of course…” Joseph stepped back along side the manger.

The men stepped up to the manger quietly and stared. Mary wiped tears from her eyes. She gazed out at the eastern sky. The familiar bright star hung over the horizon.

Joseph broke the silence, “What, exactly, did the angel, or angels, say? By the way, my name is Joseph. This is my wife, Mary.”

Just then three other men appeared at the entrance. “Did you find Him?”

The first two men turned around. “SHHH…! He’s sleeping.” They motioned for their comrades to come in. The first shepherd looked at Joseph, “So, the child’s name is Joseph?”

Joseph shook his head. “No, His name is Jesus. That’s what the angel told me to call Him.”

“Joshua…so, it is true.” The second shepherd placed his hands on Joseph’s arms. “The angel started with ‘Don’t be afraid…'”

The youngest man spoke up. “He obviously didn’t know who he was talking to. Shepherds have to fight off lions and bears. Just like King David did.”

“What would you know of bravery?” One of the others slapped his friend on the shoulder. “You jump every time an olive hits the ground.”

The shepherds all laughed. Joseph put his finger in front of his mouth. “Shhh…”

Everybody looked at the infant as they stopped their chatter. Jesus put His thumb in His mouth and sucked, He never opened His eyes.

The storyteller glanced at Mary, then back at Joseph as he continued his report. “‘…behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in cloth, lying in a manger.’ That’s when the whole sky filled with angels!”

“Yeah, and Mr. I-ain’t-afraid-of-nothin’ tripped over his own ewe lamb, landed flat on his back.” Everybody chuckled.

The storyteller continued, “It looked like those angels had been waiting a long time for this moment. They were all dancing around praising God. They said, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.’ I thought everybody in town would wake up from the commotion, I looked around and noticed the sheep were all calm, some were still asleep. That’s when I knew this was just for us to hear. I looked back at a starry sky. As quickly as they came they left us.”

Joseph looked from the shepherds over to Mary, her eyes were half-shut. “She must be so exhausted. How can I get these guys to leave so she can get some sleep?” Just then a rooster crowed at the edge of town.

The youngest shepherd looked at his friends. “I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I just got to go tell somebody about this. The town is waking up now, let’s go spread the news.”

“Yeah…!” they all left the stable.

Mary looked up at Joseph and smiled. “Do you still doubt who that is in the manger?”

Joseph came over to her and tucked the blanket around her shoulders. He laid next to her. “I never doubted that part. It’s just that I never pictured the Messiah being so helpless. I always heard of Him being the conquering monarch, not a tiny baby, but I guess we all start out like that, there’s no other way.”

Mary’s slow, rhythmic breathing told him she was already asleep.


Shepherds…? I mean, don’t You know who these guys were back then, God? They were the Rodney Dangerfield of their day. They didn’t get any respect. About the only class of people who were considered lower that shepherds were lepers. That’s because leprosy carried its own brand of ‘unclean’ness.

Even in the book of Genesis, chapter 46, when Joseph (No, I’m talking about Jacob’s son, now.) was settling his family in the land of Goshen he told them to tell Pharoah that they were shepherds. Why? According to verse 34 it’s because “every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians.” In this way God began to keep the Jewish race pure and separate. No Egyptian would dare give a daughter to a shepherd for marriage.

It’s so like God to give the first assignment of spreading the news of His Son’s birth to the outcasts of society.

They stood to gain the most from this transaction. You see, the Messiah would make temple sacrifices obsolete. So more of their sheep could life full lives.

I guess God knows what He’s up to, after all.

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I’ll see you later.   Wade

Road rage set to a classic Christmas carol: Honk, your semi’s in my lane.

I was pretty sure my days driving in heavy traffic had settled me into a place of complacency. So, as a test, I decided to set up my camcorder to check on myself.

When I broke into song I thought that was a good sign, until I heard the words. Please pray for me as the Spirit leads.

Keep smiling and Merry Christmas in spite of my mood here. Sometimes the curmudgeon just has to rear his ugly head I guess.


There once was an elf we’ll call Ralph

There once was an elf we’ll call Ralph

Who lived all his life on a shelf

As Christmas drew near

A time he held dear

A manger was placed in the room

Ralph heard the same story each year

Of wisemen and shepherds in fear

A baby was born

Way out in a barn

Instead of some place it was warm

Ralph prayed for an angel to come

And take him to that side of the room

He wanted to be

Much closer to see

This baby they made such a fuss

He knew that some things just can’t be

Like porcelain falling to its knees

He still longed to try

If he could just fly

To see this kid they named Jesus

Unlike this elf we have called Ralph

You and I don’t sit on a shelf

We can come to Him

And He into us

Because we are much more than dust

This Jesus is God become man

It’s all within God’s mighty plan

To bring us to Him

And God down to us

To build a new bridge over sin

So please don’t just sit there and wish

For your life to be happy bliss

You just have to say

My sins I can’t pay

Only by the death of Jesus

Once taken this gift as your own

Jesus you will see on His throne

His kingdom will be

A reality

That will last for eternity

So even if your name is Ralph

And you feel like you’re stuck on a shelf

Give your life to Him

He’ll live within

Your heart to make you like Him.

Keep smiling. Merry Christmas.    Wade

God So Small

God So Small

One day Jesus, by a will that was His own,

stood up, then stepped down from His eternal throne.

He compressed Himself into a virgin’s egg.

Holy Spirit came into the human race.

That egg did grow to become an embryo.

This new life began without sperm, don’t you know.

The boy child sure did grow inside Mary’s womb.

Her belly did expand to give ample room.

The birth process did squeeze His skull once again.

His small cry would clear the fluids from His lungs.

His tiny tears would moisten chubby cheeks.

His hunger cries would be heard for many weeks.

This infant boy, I Am, fit on a forearm.

At each meal tiny God would keep Mary warm.

The shepherds awed when they came in from watching sheep.

Infant God came to make their jobs obsolete.

With angel voices still echoed in their heads,

a deep love of God replace both fear and dread.

The thought that must have crossed the mind of them all:

“How in the world did God fit in one so small?”