A Dr. Seuss-ish Post

I have some opening lines in my head. They seem a bit like something Dr. Seuss would write so this could get interesting. I guess I’m letting y’all into a writer’s brain for a change…this writer’s brain anyway. Here goes…

What if a dog and a frog sat on a log?

Would there still be enough room for a hog?

Of course a hog wouldn’t sit on a log.

I’m just wondering with a bit of brain fog.

The dog and the frog could jump off the log.

The poor hog would end up in a tumble.

The three could still be friends in a jungle.

When they get hungry all three tummies would rumble.

When they walk all twelve legs would stumble.

If a bee flew by perhaps it would bumble.

But now eighteen legs could search for food.

The bee is too big for the frog to eat…that’s good.

So the four friends would still will be in a good mood.

When they get cranky they might become rude.

Instead they keep walking in search of some food.

As time goes by they find a small lake.

Because they’re thirsty their thirst they will slake.

The frog will jump in, make no mistake.

The hog will roll into a big muddy cake

When the dog comes out his whole body he’ll shake.

The bee will fly up and watch his friends having fun.

They’ll continue to walk. Being warmed by the sun.

For a little while they might even run.

Food they still need. It’s still problem number one.

The farm up ahead must belong to someone.

The dog finds a bowl with food he finds fond.

The frog slips back into his favorite pond.

The hog goes into his pen that is round.

Mr. Bee bumbles back to his nest in a mound.

They all take a nap and remember that log.

There you have it. What do you think?

Perhaps Mr. Toddler Whisperer just wrote a best-selling picturebook in less than an hour. Or maybe just this week’s blog post on a Sunday afternoon.

Keep smiling.   Wade

What is Success?

Everyone wants to be successful. I understand that completely. Why is it so hard to achieve something so popular?

Perhaps it’s because too few people are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.

It’s like writing a book. A lot of people say they want to write a book. What they really mean is they want to have written a book because writing a book is a lot of hard work.

After you come up with a story line you have to develop the characters. Then you need to decide on the setting and time period.

Eventually you get to sit down and actually write the story…which takes a long time to do it right.

The first draft usually isn’t very good, but you have something to work with now.

Editing a story can be draining. Every detail is dissected to see if it’s relevant and necessary.

If you have a good team of friends who actually know what makes a great story you’re in luck. Otherwise you have to pay for that help to improve your book.

When you think it’s finally done you send it off to publishers, agents and anybody you think might be interested in what you slaved over for several months or years.

If nobody shows any interest you either revamp this story or start all over again.

That’s why very few people get published.

Thomas Edison spent a lot of time trying to get his electric light bulb working. After several hundred failed attempts his friends tried to get him to move on to something else.

“It obviously isn’t going to work.” they insisted.

“Nonsense,” Edison replied, “I now know of hundreds of ways it won’t work. That’s all.”

I like to think of success as imitating the sun. You get up every morning and paint the sky whether anybody is watching it or not.

You do it because God is counting on you to do it.

That story might not be for the masses to read. It may just be an exercise in obedience to God.

It’s not just writing stories I’m talking about. It’s whatever you do with your life. Do it to glorify God and you’ll be successful whether anyone else appreciates it or not.

Awards might come to you in this life. If not God has something very special planned for you in the next life.

Count on it my friend.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

Eek is Released to the World October 11th

You read that headline correctly. Eek the mouse (no relation to Mickey) is finally coming out for all y’all to read about and fall in love with. October 11, 2016 is the date he’s been waiting for more than his whole life (which, for a storybook mouse, is a long time).

Discover how God uses a mouse who doesn’t want to be a mouse to be a messenger of the news of why Christmas is so important for every person on the planet. What we do with that news is up to each one of us.

Here’s the trailer for Eek’s Gifts.

Available at your favorite online retailer October 11, 2016. Personal signed copies available here soon.

Keep smiling.   Wade

Eek’s Gifts Book Trailer

I just completed my first attempt at making a book trailer. Eek will be set loose upon the world next month so I thought I’d do my part to get the world prepared for his adorableness now.

I used several of the illustrations Dyann Joyce created to tell a condensed story of Eek and Aagh.

I’m hoping this will excite more people to give to my Razoo crowdfunding campaign.

I’ve been waiting several years for Eek’s release. The wait is soon to be over.

Here’s the link to the Razoo page in case you think it’s safe to let Eek loose, too. https://www.razoo.com/us/story/4bducf

Keep smiling.   Wade

You Can Have a Major Part in Writing 3 Books

Christmas is right around the corner. It’s getting too close for this author of 3 Christmas books.

As a truck driver over the years I’ve delivered loads of mail, i.e. Christmas Cards and packages; I even spent three days one year delivering fully decorated Christmas trees from a mall to folks who bought them on auction.

This year I get to deliver the most important Christmas gift of all…the good news of God coming down as one of us in the form of a tiny baby. I have it packaged three different ways. A devotional book, a middle-grade story and an adult contemporary story.

There’s only one problem standing in my way at the moment

My dilemma lies in the fact that the three books are ready to be printed. The covers are set. The printing is laid out to fit into a book. The illustrations are even on the right pages for the middle-grade story. Except…I’m too poor to buy my own copies to have available to sell and promote them.

That’s where you come in, my friend. I set up a crowdfunding page at Razoo to see if enough people believe in what I’m writing that they’ll help by donating money to further my writing addiction.

I recorded a video describing the books and a few incentives to spur folks along.

Here’s the link to the funding page for those of you who want to help me deliver the good news this Christmas in three exciting ways.


Pray about how God wants you to become involved. I can’t do this alone. I need you to help me finish “writing” these books.

Thank you in advance. Keep smiling.   Wade

Happy Day to you!!

I just checked my calendars and discovered that today is Presidents’ Day in the United States. So, to all of you presidents reading this blog…Happy Presidents’ Day to you.

In Canada it’s Flag Day. So, Happy Flag Day to any Canadian flags reading this blog.

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day. So, for any valentines reading this blog…Happy Day After Valentine’s Day.

For anybody who isn’t a president nor a flag nor a valentine…Happy Day to y’all.

Yeah, I fit into that last category the best. I’ve never been elected the president of anything. I’ve only been across the Canadian border once in my life and then I wasn’t a flag at that time. And my valentine walked out on me before we could celebrate the day I sent her a carnation 30 years ago to let her know I was interested in her.

So, what do I have to be happy about?

I was hoping you could tell me cuz I’m a bit bummed out right now.

When I concentrate on my life right now it isn’t pretty. It’s actually quite messy as I wallow in my mire.

So, how do I wish myself a Happy Day?

I stop looking at my life and all its slop that’s built up up to my waist.

Instead of curling up in the fetal position I look forward with optimism. Things are out of my control to a point, but it’s gotta get better.

Rather than crying at what looks like inevitable disaster I look up with expectancy. I know God is in control and has a plan for my mess.

Refusing to throw in the towel I cling to God’s promises and strive to become more like Jesus Christ everyday. That’s what I’m called to do no matter what.

It’s at times like now that I go back and read the portions of the Bible that deal with the transition of leadership between Moses and Joshua.

Two themes are repeated at that time. Be strong and courageous is one of them. Joshua was about to head up a massive operation that was sure to get messy, and it did. The echo of encouragement and strength must have given him hope to take the next step, even when it didn’t make sense.

I will never leave you nor forsake you is the other repeated theme. Moses had to leave Joshua, but God promised to remain at his side. An open line of communication was available to Joshua to guide his every decision.

I’ve spent a great deal of my life by myself the past few years, but I’ve never been alone. Barb left me and cut off all ties to me, but God has always been by my side.

That’s the only thing that keeps me going some days.

There have been times that have gotten me down and out. I’ve felt like I’m just going through the motions. Then God brings a scene to mind from the third book in the series I began to write when I began this crazy writing journey He called me to. I haven’t finished writing the first book, yet.

That’s the proverbial carrot on the stick that keeps me moving forward.

It’s God’s way of showing me His promise of a future I can’t see at this time.

It’s what brings tears to my eyes and a smile on my face when nothing else will.

So, Happy Day y’all!

Keep smiling.   Wade

A Scatter-shot Blog Post From a Scatter-brained Life

I don’t know about y’all, but 2016 has begun in a whirlwind for me. That’s what I get for being stuck between multiple careers at once.

Driving and/or painting goes from 5-6 day a week to 2-3 days the next and back again. Somehow the bills are getting paid. The manna is just enough as usual.

More opportunities have popped up for my business helping local businesses. Unfortunately I’ve had to say no to them to stay afloat. My trust in God is building every time I do that. I still need to implement what I already have in place. Then things may open up for more opportunities.

The writing is getting exciting!!!

I love it when poetry finds its way into a single sentence. Yeah, simple things can excite me. What can I say? I’m a simple person.

100 PRAYERS OF A WRITER is getting excitedly close to going big time. I just ordered my first shipment of 300 copies. Tate threw in an extra 600 as an incentive for me. No, I wasn’t about to say no to them for being so nice. Bring the niceness on.

100 Prayers and Me

I’ll have copies for sale in person and on this website very soon. Collect your pennies now to stock up on gifts for everybody you know who made “improving my prayer life” a new year’s resolution.

Tate also threw in 50 matching journals. So, if you’re into journaling I’ll have even more to sell y’all. If those catch on I can get more.

I survived my first recorded radio interview this past week. Anybody who listens to Angie Austin on the USA Radio Network will get a chance to hear my voice telling about how God called me into writing and blogging. I don’t have the date that will air thus far, but I’ll post it on my website for those of you who have never heard of Angie Austin. Stay tuned.

I’m pretty sure I let Angie down a bit. There should have been more humor in my segment talking about writing a humor blog and how that all came about. She was trying to get me to say something I sent her in an email, but I totally spaced out about it while the recording was happening.

She kept trying to get me to say, “I was 47 years old when I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up.”

The good news is I did figure that our later in the day. The bad news is Angie was probably home by then, so it never got recorded.

I just hope God uses what I did say to encourage listeners to follow His promptings in their lives. That was the theme that did come through most of what I said. Apparently somebody needs to hear that.

I had a guest blog post come out on Friday last week. I talked about my “Umbrella Faith” and how that ties into my marital situation. You can read that by clicking on the purple words Umbrella Faith. Technology takes some learning for some of us still.

I’ve sent two out of three manuscripts to Tate to see if we can have those done by October. Since they’re all Christmas themed I want them out before then so they have a chance to get heard before folks spend all their hard earned pennies on frivolous things as gifts.

The timing of 100 PRAYERS is such that I think we can make it happen. I just need to spruce up the third one then wait for Tate’s response to see if they think we can make it happen. Prayers are much appreciated.

I want to capture any momentum the prayer book may begin to grow the impact those books will have. I just don’t know why no other publisher caught the vision for them. Apparently Tate is the one God has chosen for them. Assuming they take them on, which I think they will since they showed interest in two of them a few years ago.

I realize this is more of a newsletter than a humor post, but anybody still reading this must be a true fan of mine. Thank you for your attention and interest in how God is using me to further His kingdom.

I still plan on putting out a regular newsletter on February 1st. Expect to see some concrete dates for the launch of 100 PRAYERS and the radio airing.

I’m just wondering how much of my 700 square foot apartment 900 books and 50 journals will consume. GULP

Good thing I’m a small person.

Keep smiling.   Wade

I feel sorry for people who don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ

A week and a half ago I had a spiritual experience that can only come from a personal relationship with God through the atoning work of Jesus Christ.

It involved a semi, the stars and a familiarity with the Bible.

It began with my agreeing to take another delivery run to west Texas. There were times this summer I wanted to quit that run. Now I look forward to the chance to get some windshield time in a big rig.

The semi isn’t equipped with a satellite radio so I simply leave it off after I’m out of range of my favorite Christian station in DFW, KCBI. My mind is then free to ponder whatever it wants to. I usually pray for family and friends, church staff and government officials, missionaries and whomever else comes to mind then.

The first line of Psalm 46:10 has always been a favorite of mine, “Be still and know that I am God.” The next lines are even deeper, “I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” We exalt God by being still before him. Try it sometime.

After I finished my deliveries on Thursday I headed south and enjoyed my favorite meal of grilled salmon on a bed of rice with a side of steamed broccoli.

The trip to San Angelo was spent pondering how often Jesus wanted to help a playmate out as a boy by healing them with His touch only to be told by His Father, “No. It’s not Your time, yet.”

I contemplated where Jesus was the day Joseph died. Was it a construction accident or a disease that ended His step-dad’s life. How torn was Jesus to be told at that time, “No. It’s not your time, yet.”

You see. Jesus does know first-hand about the steps of grief involved in the death of a loved one.

This idea of waiting was so ingrained into Jesus that Mary had to push Him to perform His first recorded miracle. Do you remember what He told her at the wedding in Cana when she asked Him to help the family out? Jesus told her, “My time is not yet.” But, it apparently was His time because the water did turn into wine.

[Tweet “Faith and obedience are established in waiting. This testing is crucial”]

I did my best to watch the glorious sunset as it turned from yellow to orange that evening. The challenge was that it was off to my right and slightly behind me. Sometimes the urgent means certain things must be enjoyed on limitation.

The sky was clear and dark when I arrived at my favorite picnic area outside of San Angelo. I pulled over and shut the tractor and lights off to soak up the Milky Way and stars. The smell of skunk hung in the air from the carcass I wasn’t able to completely avoid with all 18 tires a few miles before then.

My mind took me to a time God called another man out to observe the stars. “Your descendants will be just as numerous.” God told Abram.

Yet, it took decades before God fulfilled the essential step of a single son. It wasn’t his time, yet. But, it did come after a mis-step by Abraham and Sarah.

Faith and obedience are established in waiting. This testing is crucial.

When I told a friend in church about how I’m working for a temporary agency he admitted he couldn’t do that. He “needed” a full-time job with insurance to survive.

I didn’t chastise him for holding that stance. I’m just grateful God chose me to obey Him to an extreme measure compared to others.

Seven years ago God called me to write for Him. I’ve been working on that craft as best I can since then. So far a book hasn’t materialized because, “My time hasn’t come, yet.”

I just sent in what I hope is the last set of corrections for 100 Prayers of a Writer to Tate Publishing.

My time has come and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with the words He’s had me put together to further His kingdom.

I’ll be looking for friends to help me get the word out about this book soon.

Anybody with a resolution to improve their prayer life will benefit from reading these prayers.

I could choose to live a safe life and drive full-time hauling freight around or some other job. I don’t belittle anyone who lives that lifestyle. They’re the backbone of society.

That’s simply not the road God is calling me to travel on. A lifetime of tests and trials has developed a faith and trust that leads me to want to please Him in all I do. I could do that with the “security” of a full-time job. I’ve chosen to see where this unknown path will lead me.

I gave my heart to Jesus so young I don’t remember not being born-again.

The born-again life isn’t meant to be a religion, but a relationship with God, the Father.

Since Barb left me over three years ago, and we never had any children, I’ve been by myself a lot.

But, I’ve never been alone. Not for a second.

I’m to the point that I feel sorry for people who don’t have a personal relationship with God through the atoning work of Jesus Christ.

That’s all.

I’ll see you later.   Wade

My observations of the 2015 Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference

Somebody told me before I came to Maranatha that this was considered the best small conference for Christian writers. I confirm that recommendation.

One of the best things about attending conferences is meeting people. Running into old writing friends is always a joy. Gail Gaymer Martin insisted she get a picture of the two of us, I handed my phone to someone so I’d have proof of our encounter, too. Yes, I have my arm around a multi-award winning author. Our paths first crossed about four years ago at a small conference in Texas. We also met at ACFW.

Gail Martin_Maranatha

New friends are always a bonus, too. Len and Mike Blaha, a father/son duo, are now FB friends and real-life friends. They’re both new to being bitten by the writing bug. I can’t wait to see how God is going to use them to reach folks to further His kingdom.

As you can tell by my attire the atmosphere is a bit more laid back here in Michigan. The flannel shirts were a natural for me to wear in my home state.

I made another multi-award winning author, and more, connection at Maranatha this year. When I stepped into the dining hall for the first breakfast there was a tall man sorting through the diced fruit. He looked up and said, “I feel like we met at some point a long time ago and far away.”

I told him it was a far distance away, but not that long ago. At last month’s ACFW conference I made eye contact with the keynote speaker as he was pacing at the back of the huge room he was to speak in. We never got a chance to carry on a conversation at that event. I knew Bill Myers would be at Maranatha so I didn’t worry about getting a chance to connect here.

Later in the day, after one of the sessions, Bill approached me from behind and asked me to become a visual at an important part of his presentation. I said, “Sure, I can stand still.”

I went up and represented God the Father while a married man stood for Jesus the Son who brought His bride to God. It was a powerful display and a sincere privilege.

My writing may never win any prestigious awards, but I can now lay claim to the fact that a Hollywood movie producer hand-picked me to play the role of God. That puts me right up there with the likes of Morgan Freeman and George Burns. This is my blog. I can have my moments of grandeur here.

Bill and I did share a few meals together along with conversation. The sanitizing of the Christmas story was a mutual agreement between us.

Maranatha Memorabelia

The theme of this year’s conference was MISSION:Possible. Yes, the theme song to a classic TV show is bouncing around in my head as I type this, too.

[Tweet “God’s timing is impeccable. Fleece comes in many varieties, too”]

One of the main reasons I went through the arduous task of driving 1,109 miles to attend such a small conference was to make contact with the tremendous publishers in the Midwest. I did get two requests for a proposal for my Christmas devotional book. Both publishers have been on my wish list of ones to work with in my career.

Moody was one of the Colleges I played soccer against in college. With such a rich heritage I would love to be a part of their future.

Discovery House’s association with Our Daily Bread Devotional booklets is another dream publisher. Andy said if I had approached him one year ago he would have flat out told me they don’t touch anything using biblical fiction. But, now they’re thinking about using it as long as it’s dealt with properly.

Timing is crucial in this business. God’s timing is impeccable. I’m excited about the potential with either of these houses.

My word for the year did show up on the screen during the conference, persevere. It’s such an important trait to build for every Christian.

The worship times were incredible, so were the times we gathered to sing praises to God. I hadn’t been anywhere where just a piano was used as a musical instrument in a long time. Some songs from last week’s men’s retreat sounded just as glorious coming from a mixed audience of men and women, all children of God.

I walked out to the beach twice; once when I first arrived and again just before I left. God spoke to me both times.

I knew it was only because of His command all that sand wasn’t washed out into such a vast expanse of water. If He has that under control He can write my life script, too.

The two of us have a quaint “fleece gesture” for Him to confirm I’m where I’m supposed to be in His will for my life. When I find a coin, usually a penny, in an unusual place I find solace in that. As I walked away from the water for the last time a bright penny was setting on top of the sand. The date on that coin is 2014, the most difficult year of my life. I persevered and am still trudging along my road with a cross to carry.

I took the time to swing on the sturdy swing set on the beach before I left. When I was ten I dreamed twice that I could fly. That swing was my way of feeling like I was flying. I’ve been braced for God to use me in a way I never imagined possible. Yes, I’m optimistic about this writing journey I’m on.

I was hoping to bring a free book back from the conference as I did from last month’s conference. There was a drawing for some gift baskets made by one of the agents in attendance. I won one of those baskets. I don’t have enough time to read the books I own already, but I know a special red-head who loves to read and has time for it in her life. I’m planning on using these books to begin to woo Barb back.

God’s timing is impeccable. Did I mention that, yet? Fleece comes in many varieties, too.

Prayer support is encouraged and needed. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and lifting me up to the throne of grace. It’s so good to be a member of such a loving family.

Keep smiling.   Wade

My experience at #ACFW2015

Well, it’s over and I lived to tell about it.

Anybody whose been to a big conference knows what I’m talking about.

They told us 465 people paid to be at this year’s convention for writers who center God and Jesus in their reason for writing.

The American Christian Fiction Writers annual conference was held in the Hyatt Regency hotel at DFW Airport in 2015. Being about 24 miles from my apartment I commuted there for three days rather than invest a month’s rent to borrow a bed for a few nights.

2012 was the last time ACFW was in Dallas at the same venue. Perhaps it was because this wasn’t my first go-round at this, but this year’s event felt more laid back.

The meals were scrumptious, as usual. I don’t think I gained much weight though. Not that I checked.

I felt like God was preparing me for future stardom by a certain repeated event. Each of the first two days I had two different people ask me the exact same question from out of the blue: “Are you Wade?”

The first time was at a spotlight session for Bethany House Publishing. Right after I grabbed a seat in the back row a woman at the other end of the row leaned forward and asked me that. Before I thought to ask who was asking I responded with a coy. “Yeah.” I didn’t even have time to check the name tag holder dangling off my neck.

She introduced herself as Becky Wade. No, we’re not related as far as I know. In 2012 I won the silent auction for her critique of part of a manuscript. It took us quite a few attempts to get that accomplished, but we did. It was nice to meet her in person to thank her for her expertise. I didn’t confess that it still isn’t published. Fortunately she didn’t ask, either.

On Friday morning I arrived late for the start of breakfast. They served me anyway. Just as I sat down a gray-haired lady snuck up from behind me and asked the same question. I confessed to being said nefarious  individual. She introduced herself. Unfortunately her name didn’t stick in my head. According to her business card her name is Darlene Baker.

The reason she was interested in talking to me is because she, too, drives a truck for a living. The back of her card says, “18 Wheels in a Memoir.” She drives with her husband across the country. I told her my wife and I thought about doing that together. She said it was probably for the better we didn’t since you can’t slam the divider curtain shut to the sleeper berth to get away from each other. Point taken.

I volunteered to help out at the appointment area. I was given the first hour on Saturday morning as my assignment. I was one of the timekeepers for the 15 minute “speed dating” sessions with agents and editors. I was placed at the end of the hall of eight rooms.

I got to see some of the important folks as they walked in for the day.

Agent Steve Laube sauntered down the carpet–no, it wasn’t red–by his lonesome. The way the ceiling was lit in sections reminded me of an old-time TV show. I told him I pictured doors sliding shut behind him as he approached. He said he had to answer his shoe.

I got to talk to Brandilyn Collins–the MC for the festivities and board member–a bit. Rachel Hauck and I talked a little longer before her appointment. She led the worship times quite well.

Francine Rivers would later receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. I stood in the hallway with her for a time, too. No, I didn’t have any of her books for an autograph. I wasn’t THAT prepared.

I received three different responses at my appointments.

  1. No, we either don’t actually publish that, even though it’s on our website (frustrating)–or, I don’t handle that part of our company with no attempt to pass it along to who does (expected).

  2. I don’t handle that part of our operation, but I’ll make sure the person who does gets your one sheet. It may take a few weeks for them to get in touch (progress).

  3. That’s sounds interesting. Send me a proposal (internal happy dance).

I walked by Harvest House’s table a few times to see if the niggling feeling would go away. I eventually picked up one of their keyrings celebrating 40 years in business on Thursday. Kim was the editor who showed the most interest in what I have. I met her toward the end of Saturday. They publish gift books and middle grade books. Pray for wisdom on both sides of this transaction.

I’ve been through this stage too many times to get overly excited. Optimism still prevails. Eek may find a home yet.

Friends are the best part of a conference of this magnitude. I spent a lot of time with Steve Myers from Arlington. He had one appointment that went very well. That guy who never married may have some romance books with his name on the cover. God works through people’s weaknesses.

Some online friends become three-dimensional. When Sarah Hamaker won a Genesis Award I knew I had to introduce myself. She helped critique Eek a few years back on an ACFW loop. It was good to get to hug someone who was only virtual before then.

Santa Claus won a Genesis, too. Joe Courtemanche looks so much like the imaginary character that he dressed up as Santa for the first dinner. The meal was set aside for people to dress as the genre they write. I guess that’s the only thing he had because he won in the suspense category.

The C in ACFW was really on display this year for many of us. Bill Myers’s keynote addresses were a phenomenal lesson on God using the most unlikely person to get the job done. We discovered the McGee and Me success started out by him winging the ideas behind it during a contest he felt overly-under-qualified for. That’s what he gets for saying “Yes” to God to use him. I want to be like him when I grow up.

Any writers reading this take notice. If you ever see Allan Arnold’s course offered at a conference called “The Wildness of Writing WITH God” (capitalization mine) change whatever you need to and attend every minute of it. It will change your whole outlook, perspective and purpose for being in this crazy business we’ve been called into.

Allan took the time to pray for each of us in that course before the conference. He bought spiral notebooks for each individual and wrote a thoughtful message he felt God led him to write. The messages are designed to be read as if they’re straight from God. This guy who didn’t start writing until the age of 47 received the perfect message.

“You have what it takes to write the stories I’ve given you. Take heart and don’t give up. We’ll do it together.”

ACFW notebook

I’ve always known this whole writing gig was God’s idea. A little confirmation never hurts. Thanks Allan.

Writing conferences are a great way to breathe new life into what’s often a solitary endeavor. All in all this one was a keeper.

Thanks ACFW folks who put this together. You’re the bestest! (misspelling mine)

Keep smiling.   Wade