So, you want to know more about me, huh?

As you probably already guessed, my name is Wade Webster. I’m a stay-at-home person unless I leave my place of residence to get some food so I can stay at home more.

I’m a country bumpkin trapped in a big city, an introvert surrounded by people, and a heavenly citizen alienated on planet earth.

My main source of income is derived from driving a truck. Now, don’t go assuming I’m a trucker. I didn’t say that. I mostly drive in and around Dallas, Texas with semi’s of various lengths. Some of them have fewer than 18 wheels, usually 10 or 14. I sleep in my own bed most nights.

I’m in the process of growing a small business helping small businesses grow. Mobile apps and video services are what I offer most at I hope that opens up more time to write while still bringing in money to  live on. That’s the plan.

I guess you can call me an atypical person, which is why I’m so well-suited to be a born-again Christian. Jesus Christ was extremely atypical. I’m just doing my best to emulate Him.

Writing is in my genetic makeup. I just didn’t find out about it until I turned 47 a while back. Now I can’t imagine my life without it. I look forward to the day I can retire from driving for a living and concentrate on telling people about Jesus Christ with written and spoken words. I currently don’t have any books published, so that keeps me a writer not an author, yet.

When I started writing I discovered a love for fiction, mostly contemporary for adults and children. I assumed that was going to be the extent of my writing, until I began blogging. It was there I discovered I love bringing Bible stories to life by using fiction to freshen up the stories and giving insights in how they relate to our lives now. I now have a possible series of devotional books that I’ve blogged through.

I’m confident public speaking will be a part of the equation for me, but I can’t say I’m confident speaking in public. I asked God to use me in anyway He saw fit, so I won’t be at all surprised. He’ll have to speak through me for it to work at all. I think that’s His favorite kind of speaker.

I hope you decide to sign up for my blog and newsletter. Use the form on the right to get the blog and newsletter sent to your email. The blog should come twice a week. The newsletter around the first of every month.

It should be clear that I’m more interested in you developing a real relationship with God through Jesus Christ than I am of you finding a religion to practice. That’s the step too many people are missing in their spiritual walk.

I’ll let you know when I have something published so you can help me write full time. Look for my first book any day now. 100 PRAYERS OF A WRITER is about to become real. More books will follow before Christmas.

Come back often.   Wade

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2 thoughts on “So, you want to know more about me, huh?

  1. Hi. I heard about you on the Angie Austin show. I am also from Michigan and live in Denver. I just got back from a vacation in the UP of Michigan and sometimes feel like you–“a country bumpkin trapped in a big city.” Oh well, the Lord has made it clear to me that I wasn’t to go back to the small town in Michigan where I was raised, but just face the challenges of the big city. Plus I have gotten used to the more dynamic churches in Denver. When I get a chance, I will look into your writings. I am so sorry about your ex-wife. I also went through a horrible divorce many years ago, but have since heard from my ex who will be going into assisted living soon. Keep up the good work and safety on your trucking job.

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